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PO dosage calculator - solids

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IV dosage calculator

calculate IV rate as gtt/min

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infuse mcg/min as mL/hr

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IV infusion time (using IV pump)

convert mL/hr to dose/hr

convert mL/hr to mcg/min

convert mL/hr to mcg/kg/min

abg interpreter

pediatric dosage calculator

O2 remaining in e-cylinder calculator

bsa calculator

determine drug absorption by pKa

operating room IVF requirements

N.P.O. fluid replacement

allowable blood loss

IBW & ABW calculator

temperature conversion

converting kilograms and pounds

inches to cm, cm to inches

converting % solutions to mg/cc

propofol rate calculator

muscle relaxant dose calculator

critical care math quiz

nursing calculators for windows ce (pocketpc)

comprehensive ACLS ecc algorithm

a case study in coersion

patient skin care-decubitus care

hydrocolloid versus saline

1998 study

my experience as a latino nurse

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