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The American Spaniel

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Top photograph (The Majestic Cocker).  Add Marty Stouffer's voice, the theme to Wild America, and Gabby's top photo and you get the makings of a great documentary:  The Wild American Cocker.  "For the first time captured on film we bring you the rare and elusive American Cocker..."  I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

The elusive spaniel at the watering hole    gabby at the watering hole    Gabby rides off into the sunset

Of course the female cockers (cockerettes)  might like to see a steamier version of Gabby.  How about Gabby Unleashed? or Gabby Exposed?  Here's a few beefcake photos for the ladies:

The cover of Cockerette magazine    Centerfold for Cockerette Monthly

News Flash!

The Sprinkler Terminator Strikes Again

In a cleverly diabolical plot, Gabby sabotages the sprinkler system.  Several weeks ago the sprinkler system quit working.  I had no clue what happened until my wife explained to me that Gabby was "digging" in the back yard.  Gabby had seen some bunnies and was digging up their lair.  Or was he?  Upon closer inspection, the hole Gabby dug was right over the electrical system for the lawn sprinklers.  I checked the electrical cable (low voltage -- thank goodness) and found Gabby had chewed through the insulation.  With surgical precision Gabby had bitten through the white wire (20 gauge copper).  But out of all the bundle of wires, how did Gabby know the white wire would interrupt the power supply?  As I repaired the wire with a connector Gabby stood a mysterious watch over my progress.  Digging for bunnies???  I think not!

Most photos taken with 35mm SLR camera

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