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Warren ParkGabby with Billy BoyGabby & ramRam kissing GabbyIcey SnowOn our porch stepsBelle IsleBelle Isle beachHey Baby!Belle Isle

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It's almost been a year since I've updated Gabby's new pictures :(

Since this is a special occasion please play this background music while viewing this page.  I think it's fitting for my Gabby that has been with us for so long. The pictures above range all the way from last July to early this spring.  You'll find Gabby went to our farm visiting goats and sheep.  There's also pictures of Gabby at Belle Isle enjoying the beach.

Lake Huron -- Port Blake ParkLake Huron -- Port Blake ParkInglis FallsJones FallsInglis FallsInglis FallsIngis FallsSome where in Canada

The pictures above were taken June 5-7, 2004 during our trip to Owen Sound, Canada.  I'm sure your dog would love a trip up there as well.  Gabby enjoyed exploring the lake front and the many waterfalls in the area.

Happy Birthday Gabby!

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