september 2001



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sand on his nose

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digging to ChinaThese pictures are all at Yates park in Rochester Hills, MI about 20 miles from my house.  Gabby loves it because he can go swimming.  Going swimming is a rare treat for Gabby.  Now that I found this park Gabby will be doing more swimming.  In the top two pictures above Gabby's digging a hole probably looking for the elusive dirt squirrel (just kidding).  He buries his head in the sand and snorts for...dirt squirrels.

Click on a picture to see all of it.  Some of them have beautiful backgrounds.  Gabby spent most of his day chasing frogs and crayfish.  There were some burrows along the water that might have been made by muskrats.  Gabby was awfully interested in those burrows.  Gabby had a fun day and was completely exhausted when he got home.

all pics about 100-200k    gabby wading    pretty background    swimming

gabby    looking for something    playing fetch

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