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playing ball

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playing ballOne of the reasons Gabby loves chasing squirrels is because he steals their food.  Squirrels often take the bread our neighbors leave out for the birds.  Gabby has dined on cake, biscuits, and bread from  stealing it from squirrels.  Gabby had another possum encounter.  He chased the possum and caught up to him.  Then he sniffed the possum but this one didn't play dead instead it had its mouth open ready to bite.  Gabby walked a few feet away and peed marking his territory then walked away.

new haircutGabby also provides us with free pest control.  Anything that flies or crawls around the house gets eaten.  We were shocked after seeing him eat giant bumble bees.  We have a butterfly bush in the front yard that attracts plenty of bumble bees.  We don't approve but we can't stop him.

Gabby is a dog with many faces.  People have written and say they enjoyed all of my cockers' pictures.  I think the length of his hair and that wrinkly face have a lot to do with that.

on the porch

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