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angry squirrelbarking at squirrel in treeGabby showing his silly side (above).  After chasing squirrels in the park Gabby ran one up a tree and it won't come down no matter how much Gabby begs.  Not to happy being sent up the tree the squirrel starts chattering at Gabby making Gabby beg even more.  Gabby has a knack for finding squirrels.  If a squirrel ran across your lawn, Gabby could find its scent and follow the path it made through your lawn.  By the way, Gabby has never caught a squirrel as hard as he tries.

The mighty hunterAnother of Gabby's summer time favorites is playing in with the lawn sprinklers.  Very cautiously, Gabby stalks up on the unsuspecting sprinkler waiting for the right moment to pounce and attack!  Of course he gets soaked then wants to come in the house.

playing ballGabby loves playing ball, especially if it squeaks when you squeeze it.  He must think it's alive.  His favorite game is bringing you the ball so you can throw it and he chases it.  A variation of this game, Gabby brings you the ball places it in your lap and you throw it or else he claws your leg as an incentive to throw it.

GabbyHere's a good pose of Gabby looking serious.

drinking pond scumfilthy dogAnother picture of Gabby at Willow Marsh.  Here his is wading in the water looking for the turtle I set free.  After wading in the muck and drinking from it Gabby stands on the walk way considering jumping back in again.

Willow Marsh


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