the engine

the lance rocket engine

High-Performance, Dual-Thrust-Mode, Bi-Propellant Rocket Engine

Engine Configuration

  • Annular Bell-Nozzle Booster
  • Center Bell-Nozzle Sustainer (Throttleable)

Storable Propellants

  • IRFNA (Inhibited Red Fuming Nitric Acid)
  • UDMH (Unsymmetrical Di Methyl Hydrazine)

Thrust Class

  • Boost Phase: 50,000-Pound Class
  • Sustainer Phase 5,000-Pound Class

Zero Field Maintenance Design

Versatility with Simplicity

  • Squib activated boost termination control
  • Fuel Injection pulse thrust vector control
  • Fully throttleable sustainer

Rugged Low-Cost Construction

  • Cast aluminum injector
  • Forged Steel thrust chamber body
  • Ablative liner

Obtained from Rocketdyne (Rockwell International) brochure.

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