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sprinkler gremlin!Gabby has been busy playing in the lawn sprinklers this summer.  For his birthday I bought him his own lawn sprinkler to play with.  It only took one day to break it.  He plays with our in-ground sprinklers too.  I end up replacing the ones he breaks.  I think of Gabby as a sprinkler gremlin.  If your lawn sprinklers are broken or spraying in the wrong direction, you probably have a gremlin of your own!

gabbyAlong with chasing squirrels and bunnies, Gabby has been after possums and mice.  Last month Gabby woke up our neighbors barking at a possum in our front yard.  I had to spray Gabby with a garden hose to get him away from the possum.  We also have mice in our garage and Gabby keeps himself busy chasing them down.

gabby swimmingHere's a picture of Gabby swimming.  I dared him to go into the water and get a huge dead carp.  So he did (bad idea)!  As soon as he brought it on shore he began to roll on it...we rode home 30 miles with the windows down.

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