Nurse Math Calculators

The following is a list of nursing calculators.  Each calculator, along with examples and formulas, provides a unique way to review nursing math.

Medication Dose Calculators

PO Dose: Solids
Doses solid forms of medication (e.g., tablets, caplets, capsules, lozenges).
PO Dose: Liquids
Doses liquid medications such as Tylenol®, Kayexalate® and lactulose.
IV Dose → mL, Dose → mL/hr
Calculates single dose IM, IV injections and IV rates if no conversions are involved. Example drugs include furosemide, digoxin, and Solu-Medrol®.
Dose → gtt/min
Calculate drug infusion rates without an IV pump. Dose/hour (e.g., diltiazem), dose/minute (e.g., nitrogycerin), and dose/kg/minute (e.g., dopamine).
mcg/min → mL/hr
Calculates mcg/min rates (e.g., norepinephrine and nitroglycerin infusions).
mcg/kg/min → mL/hr
Calculates mcg/kg/min rates (e.g., nitroprusside and dopamine infusions).

IV Rate Calculators

Time or mL/hr → gtt/min
No IV pump. Calculate infusion rates when given a volume and length of time.
Time → mL/hr
With IV pump. Calculate infusion rates when given a volume and length of time.

IV Time Calculator

Time ← mL/hr
Calculates the duration of an infusion when the rate is known (With or without an IV pump).

Calculate Dosage From IV Rate

There are times when the only way to figure out how much medication is being infused is by looking at the information on the IV bag and the rate of the infusion.

1 × Dose, dose/hr ← mL/hr
Calculates dosages of medications infusing such as heparin or insulin drips.
mcg/min ← mL/hr
Calculates dosages of medications infusing such as nitroglycerin and norepinephrine.
mcg/kg/min ← mL/hr
calculates the dose of medications infusing such as dobutamine and nitroprusside.

Clinical Calculators

Pediatric Dose Calculator
Converts an adult dosage into a pediatric using BSA.
O2 Remaining in E-Cylinder
Calculates how much O2 is left according to flow rate.
BSA Calculator
Calculates BSA according to height and weight.
Drug Absorption (Pka)
Determines how well a medication will be absorbed into the body.
O.R. Fluid Requirements
Calculates IV rate according to the type of surgery.
N.P.O. Fluid Replacement
Calculates fluid replacement for time NPO.
Allowable Blood Loss
Calculates how much blood can be lost without needing a transfusion.
Estimated Blood Volume
Estimates how much blood is in a person's body.
Ideal Body Weight (IBW)
Compares an individuals weight against a statistical norm.
Adjusted Body Weight (ABW)
Calculates the ABW in obese persons for more accurate drug dosing.
ABG Interpreter
Interprets a respiratory or metabolic cause for pH disorders.

Conversion Calculators

°F ←→ °C
Converts between Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures.
lb ←→ kg
Converts weights between pounds and kilograms.
in ←→ cm
Converts lengths between inches and centimeters.
ft & in ←→ cm
Converts foot, inch and centimeter lengths (e.g., 5'3" = 160 cm).
Non-Metric ←→ Metric Doses.
Converts gr, tsp, tbs, oz, cup, min, dr to metric.
Metric ←→ Metric
Converts between metric weights and volumes.
% Solutions → mg/mL
Converts % solution into mg/mL concentration.
Epinephrine Solutions ←→ mg/mL
View chart that converts a ratio into a mg/mL concentrations.

Anesthesia Calculators

Propofol bolus/infusion
Calculates how many mL to push for intubation or rates for sedation and maintenance.
Muscle Relaxants
Calculates how many mL to push for intubation.