december 2000



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When's dinner?

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Here is Gabby on Thanksgiving day.  Determined to share our Thanksgiving dinner, Gabby sits himself at the table waiting to be served.  So he did get a little bit of our meal as a holiday treat.


Here is a hole Gabby dug in the park while I was talking to a neighbor.  He gets himself into trouble so quick.  Lately, Gabby has been bringing home deceased squirrels.  He finds them squashed on the street and picks them up during his walks.  The other day I walked him to the 7-11 store and video store while he had one in his mouth.  It took the whole afternoon before I could get it from him.

Here is Gabby in the park after the first snow fall.  He raced up and down the park poking his head in the snow like an ostrich, looking for imaginary squirrels.  Gabby played until he was covered from head to toe with snow.

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