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Gabby with his mom on the beach

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Splashing in the pooleHere are some pictures from our Memorial Day weekend.  Gabby spent his vacation in Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island.  We almost canceled the trip because Gabby had been really sick.  About three days before our trip Gabby went through the garbage and ate a whole chicken (bones and all).  His veterinarian treated him and said he would be okay.   By the time we left Gabby was back to his old self.

Digging to ChinaGabby is sporting his summer hair cut.  Our motel was on the beach and Gabby was able to enjoy playing on the beach and water.  Gabby also went on a nature tour in the State park to see rare flowers, a boat ride to the island followed by a tour of the island from a horse-drawn carriage.

Playing in poolGabby preferred playing in the small pools of water along the beach.  I think he's scared of the waves from the lake plus the lake was much colder.

Gabby laying with his momMany admirers came up to Gabby during our trip to pet him or tell us how cute he is.  Most people think he's a puppy but he's almost six years old.



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