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mmmm....turtle soup!I'm hungry too.  Does dog taste like chicken?Welcome back!  Gabby made a new friend since last month.  Gabby was on his evening walk when he found something scurrying on the sidewalk.  A turtle!  Of all the places, this painted turtle was on a sidewalk facing a busy four-lane road in our city of Warren.  Gabby's daddy picked up the turtle and took him home.  Gabby wanted the turtle so bad.  I think Gabby had turtle soup in mind.  Gabby's daddy kept the turtle at home for a week until he could find the turtle a good home.  Poor Gabby fell in love with this turtle:  it's all Gabby could think of all week long.  

Excuse Me...the sidewalk was cleanerThe turtle was taken to his new home in Willow Marsh, a perfect location.  Here is a picture of the turtle just as he was released in the marsh.

Gabby has recently developed a refined taste for bumble bees.  His daddy doesn't approve of this diet though.  Here are a few more pictures of Gabby on his walk and around the house.

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