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3x3 eyes: immortals
3x3 eyes: legend of the divine demon
ah my goddess: the movie
ai yori aoshi
ai yori aoshi: enishi
all purpose cultural cat girl nuku nuku dash!
all purpose cultural cat girl: nuku nuku tv
angel sanctuary
angel tales
angelic layer
arcade gamer fubuki
arcadia of my youth
azumanga daioh
banner of the stars II
battle athletes
battle athletes victory
blood: the last vampire
boys be…
boys over flowers
burn up excess
burn up scramble
cardcaptor sakura
cardcaptor sakura: the movie
cardcaptor sakura: the movie 2: the sealed card
carried by the wind: tsukikage ran
castle in the sky
ceres, celestial legend
chance pop session
city hunter
cowboy bebop
cowboy bebop: the move
crest of the stars
daichis: earth's defense family
dan doh!!
dangaizer 3
demon fighter kocho
detatoko princess
dna2 (dna squared)
domain of murder
dragon ball
dragon ball z
dragon half
early reins
elfen lied
e's otherwise
fantastic children
fighting spirit
figure 17
fruits basket
full metal panic!
full metal panic? fumoffu
fushigi yugi
fushigi yugi eikoden
ghost in the shell 2: innocence
golden boy
grave of the fireflies
green green
gunparade march
gunslinger girl
haibane renmei
hanaukyo maid team la verite
hand maid may
happy lesson
hare + guu
his and hers circumstances
howl's moving castle
hyper police
if I see you in my dreams: tv series
ikki tousen
infinite ryvius
inu-yasha the movie: affections touching across time
inu-yasha the movie3: swords of an honorable ruler
jubei chan the ninja girl: secret of the lovely eyepatch
jungle emperor leo
junkers come here
kaleido star
karas: the prophecy
kaze no yojimbo
kiki's delivery service
kimagure orange road
kimagure orange road movie
kimagure orange road OVA
koi kaze
labyrinth of flames
last exile
little snow fairy sugar, a
lost universe! (subtitled version only)
love hina
love hina again: the movie
love hina: christmas movie
love hina: spring movie
lunar legend tsukihime
macross plus
magic knight rayearth
magic user's club ova
magic user's club tv
magical shopping arcade abenobashi
mahoromatic 2: something more beautiful
mahoromatic: automatic maiden
mahoromatic: summer special
maison ikkoku
marmalade boy
martian successor nadesico
martian successor nadesico: the motion picture: prince of darkness
midori days
millennium actress
mirage of blaze (ova version)
my dear marie
my neighbor totoro
nadia: the secret of blue water
neon genesis evangelion
ninja nonsense: the legend of shinobu
oh my goddess
orphen: perfect collection
petite princess yucie
photon: the idiot adventures
piano: the melody of a young girls heart
pilot candidate
please teacher!
please twins!
princess mononoke
princess nine
queen emeraldes
r.o.d. read or die
r.o.d. the tv series
rahxephon: the motion picture
ranma 1/2
ruin explorers
rurouni kenshin
saber marionette j
saber marionette j-x
saber marionette r
sadamitsu the destroyer
saikano: another love song
saint tail
saiyuki (subtitled version only, season 1 only)
sakura wars: the movie
sakura wars: tv
samurai champloo
samurai deeper kyo
samurai x
samurai, the
samurai: hunt for the sword
scrapped princess
seven of seven
shingu: secret of the stellar wars
shrine of the morning mist
shura no toki
silent service
someday's dreamers
spirited away
steel angel kurumi
strawberry eggs
submarine 707 revolution
sukeban deka
tattoon master
tenchi in tokyo
tenchi muyo
tenchi muyo gpx
tenchi the movie 2: daughter of darkness
tenchi universe
tenjho tenge
tokyo godfathers
tree of palme, a
twelve kingdoms
urda: third reich
urusei yatsura
urusei yatsura: the final chapter
vandread: second stage
variable geo
video girl ai
vision of escaflowne
voices of a distant star
wicked city
wolf's rain
world of narue, the
you're under arrest
you're under arrest: mini specials
yu yu hakusho vol. 1-20
zone of the enders

Those listed "subtitled version only" are truly horrendous in English.

Dubbed vs. Subtitled

What English dubbing does to anime?  Imagine the powerful and eloquent voice of James Earl Jones replaced by hack actor Pauly Shore.  In the past, I would choose the English dubbed version when watching anime.  However, I became completely turned off by the English voice overs in Saiyuki.  Saiyuki had mediocre acting and a mediocre script.  I opted to listen to the Japanese dialog and read the subtitling.  It was difficult getting used to a foreign language but the acting was much better.  In fact, I've been listening to anime in Japanese ever since that day.  However, my favorite English voice actor is Beau Billingslea (voice of Jet Black, Cowboy Bebop).

Gunbuster: Click to enlargeAll-time favorite: GunBuster -- I consider this my first anime.  When I first saw it I thought, "This is a cartoon?"  I had never seen animation with such realism.  Just the way they drew the sky or sunset on the beach was like a painting*.  Even the cockpit scenes had so much detail (easier done today by CGI).  Plus the story was filled with drama.  After watching anime my childhood seems somehow deprived.

I quit watching anime for many years due to cost and availability until the Cartoon Network rekindled my interest with series such as Dragon Ball and Inu-yasha.  Now, I have my own personal anime library and have rented an unbelievable amount of anime online: My anime rental history

Favorite Anime Songs

Another facet of anime is music.  Some anime have very catchy themes.  I've made a habit of recording my favorite themes and listening to them on my PC.  I love the ending theme My Will to Inu-yasha by Dream.  If you've seen R.O.D TV then you've heard the ending theme Moments in the Sun by Kazami, another of my favorites.

Other favorites:

Yume No Miyako Machi Tokyo Life (ending theme to Happy Lesson)

Here is a download of my favorite anime songs (927KB).  This link contains the titles in order played with links to buy from Amazon.

Title: Sprout, Artist: Kazami (link to buy) Title: Dolce, Artist: Aiko Kayo (link to buy)
Contains: Moments in the Sun
End Song: R.O.D. the TV Series
Contains:  Aishitene Motto
 (愛してね もっと)
End Song:  Tenjho Tenge

Learning Japanese

I'm trying to learn Japanese on my own to understand the anime I watch.  I made flashcards to learn kana.

*Gunbuster makes perfect use of cell animation.   Jonathan Clements, co-author of Anime Encyclopedia, refers to this as "really good cases of sky."

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Yoko Kanno's Memory from
Cowboy Bebop

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