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Frozen Cave

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IWinter waterfallt's been an extremely cold winter in Michigan this year.  Gabby has had problems with his paws.  Between this harsh weather and a small growth in between his right paw, Gabby ended up with an infection in both front paws.  But he does love going to Yates park.  We spent a few afternoons there enjoying the scenery.  The water fall was completely frozen several times.  Gabby posed for his picture in front of the fall.  It sort of looks like the formations from inside a cave.

crossing a frozen streamWhile walking Gabby at a different park someone stole my bike.  I only use it for Gabby's walks.  That's no better than stealing a toy for a child.   Me and Gabby look forward to warmer weather.  We've had enough freezing temperatures to last us a life time.

Here's one more picture with Santa from PetSmart.  I took this one myself with my 35mm.  Gabby looks bright-eyed and bushy-tailed but Santa must have had a hard night.  Finally, there's Gabby curled up on the couch and wrapped up in a blanket.  It's been a extremely cold winter...Gabby's ready for some summer time fun.

Gabby and Santa    Gabby

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