october 2001



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gabby: an American cocker spaniel
Proud to be American

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gabbyIt's fall and Gabby is busy chasing squirrels.  Squirrels all over our neighborhood are out in force making preparations for the winter.  Gabby gets a good workout in the park chasing all those squirrels.  By the time we get home Gabby is out of breath and exhausted.  

possum Last month on a night time walk Gabby found a possum.  He chased it and I thought for sure he would catch it.  By the time I caught up with him I realized the possum had eluded him.  Gabby was running back and forth looking for his lost prey.  Actually the possum was laying still in the grass playing dead.  I had heard of possums playing dead but never actually seen it.  It was very convincing.  It was lying on it's side with its mouth open and its tongue sticking out.  Gabby found the possum and started to sniff it.  The possum never moved.  I didn't want to bother the possum anymore so we continued on our walk.


Gabby had another possum encounter!  It was a late night walk for Gabby when he charged up to a possum in someone's front yard.  I didn't even notice it until Gabby ran up to it.  I thought for sure Gabby was going to start something (I was ready to pull his leash), but they just stood there face to face.  Gabby started to sniff him and the possum leaned away.  Gabby kept on sniffing him as the possum slowly laid on his side (sort of submissive).  Gabby sniffed him from head to toe then pawed him to see if he would move.  The possum laid still and Gabby lost interest then we continued on our walk.




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