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Fat Cat Crew

Posted: 24 Nov 2008 21:50
by Fat Cat Jackson
Hey its jackson again. Cee, you ever come back to this sight i am still in Nebraska. Stopped in Boston for awhile but that didn't work out. i talked to jaycox a few times and talked to sykes in chicago. Couldn/t find thomas or fig. Any other fat cat's should send me a email. Sounds like everything went haywire shortly after i "left". Tried to find SFC Watkins, but couldn't remember his first name. Waiting to hear from all of you:
Sgt Thomas
Sgt Roach
Sgt Rivas
Spc Fig
Spc jaycox
Spc Sykes
Pfc Crace
And anyone else............................$180.00 for a big bottle of Rotzepus!!!! Sold!!!!