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Friends from a time gone but not forgotten

Posted: 24 Oct 2008 15:56
by sp4 weaver
Hey F.T.A. rangers from 76 to 79. greg (joe) blow. My sister still asks about you. I was never the same person when I returned home. I should have stayed in germany. Sgt. Lyons...was he a Medic. Doc sil...not silcox? for the cute medic. I don't believe there were any female medics when i was there. A couple of hotties were in supply. I went to crete. I remember staying fired up for the whole time. The awesome ride on the c1-30. swimming in the aegean and the med. I remember elmer's and his lovely wife. greg blow couldn't keep a head on his beer. sp4 stanley desveaux. lobo. newman. jurevich. sgt distressing, sgt stover, the bern march. PT at 6am. hangovers and not feeling bad...EVER...High NOON...yes germany was a trip but everything is getting foggy now....I never thought i would be alive at 52 almost 53...God Bless all you men and women of the Proud Americans.