B Btry 1st Bn 80th FA , Aschaffenburg Germany

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chris griffin
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B Btry 1st Bn 80th FA , Aschaffenburg Germany

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hello again from the state of confusion in kentucky.....
as most have read in past postings myself and cecil watts have tried for several years to find friends of ours who were stationed in A burg.

In the past month we have had contact with peter v centore who was in the A/T section in B btry.

thanks again manuel for this message board its been a great help contacting old friends

best regards
chris griffin
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Re: B Btry 1st Bn 80th FA , Aschaffenburg Germany

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hey to all my fellow vet,s i too have bben searching for our old 1st 80th buddies. only found one guy and he was in the 6/33rd with me, but lost him after hurrican katrina,looked for watts alover morristown when i lived in mountain city tenn, and looked for griffin when i lived in berea ky, now im in tupelo.miss, and yes ya'll keep in touch-lonnie johnson e-mail rockstar59us at yahoo dot com..looked for loyd linton all over billings montana and the gulf coast. no luck, looked for russell riveria around new orleans .no luck, looked for bill unger when i lived in tampa-no luck..do know that some of our friends are now deceased, looked for mark harris while i was doing a job in fountain in, found his parents but never recied any replies..would love to get together for a reunion, and to cyber photo exchanges and how things are better as a great mewmory than they seemed at the time. but hit me back,im still alive and kicking..--lonnie johnson. first fire b btry 1/80th/1983-85