What Was Your MOS & Duty Station?

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What Was Your MOS & Duty Station?

Post by manuel »

Use this opportunity to introduce yourself. You may remain anonymous:

I'm Manuel. I was a 15Delta. Quite a few of us chose to remain Stateside after AIT but I chose an overseas assignment: One of the best decisions I ever made. I was stationed at 1st/32nd Field Artillery, Hanau Germany (sometimes referred to as 1st of the worst). It was a strict duty station but the country was beautiful. Where else could you get lost in a deuce and a 1/2 and wind up at a castle! Shortly after my assignment to C BTRY (2nd A&T?), I was detailed to Missile Maintenance in SVC BTRY working under CW3 Chaisson (sp?). While in 1/32FA I was affectionately known as "killer" which stuck through the rest of my army career. I PCS'ed in 1986 to 1st/12th FA, SVC BTRY, Missile Maintenance. After drinking in Germany, Oklahoma's 3.2 beer really did taste like water. 1/12FA was very laid back making for a nice transition back to civilian life.
chris griffin
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Post by chris griffin »

i actually qualified for 2 lance related mos's i was a 15D and 15 J , FDC.
my platoon sergeant in FDC was SFC Jerry Reynolds.
I also qualified for radiological survey team. mind you, the addage, never volunteer for anything highly applies for radiological survey team, highly applies, cause i really didnt learn whay all that entailed until after volunteering for it.
my duty station was fiori kaserne, Aschaffenburg, B Btry 1st Bn 80th FA
my platoon sergeant in 2nd launch was SFC Alvin E. Patterson, my section chief was SSG Thomas E. Johnson, next in line was SGT Frank Jette,(note: sgt jette got his masters degree in sociology and at last report was a social worker in lawton oklahoma)
David-R: H
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Ft. Sill

Post by David-R: H »

I am David R Huddleston.
I enlisted as an E2 (1987) (and left as an E3 after 2 years) and was assigned to Ft. Sill B Btry 1/12 FA., 3rd platoon.
SSgt Darden was the leader.
the Captain back then was Cpt. Bhear. (spelling?).
First Sgt was Gilroy.
I was 13 November and was on the A&T team mostly.
(lots of funeral detail also as a "flag folder".)
I used to ask "too many questions" and remember a SSgt telling me in White Sands once that "when we go to war pvt Huddleston I am going to kill you."
what a nice guy he was.
The most pain in the ass Sgt I remember was Ramos.
The nicest was Williams....a very large and soft spoken African-American.
I remember winning the Audy Murphy Board once and I also remember winning a raffel and flying the Captian's aeroplane.
I used to hate going to the field because B Btry 3rd platton got all the bad assignments.
The chiggers were real bad at Ft. Sill....and the mosquitos....darn little buggers.
We knew ourselves as the "Beast of Burden", and us short timers (2 yrs) were really given a hard time by the longer guys....I think because they were annoyed we'd only be there a little while before going off to college.
(I got my degree in Radio, Television & Film in 1995)
Where are all you guys from B Btry ?
Darden with my Marlin .22 rifle.
Borselino, and all the rest.
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Post by donniehark »

My name is Donald Harkreader, looking at the earlier posts looks like someone was looking for me.
Ft. Sill 1981 AIT training 15D
1/32 FA Erlensee FRG. 1981-1983
1/12 FA Fort Sill. OK 1983-1985
1/333 later the 3/32 FA Wiesbaden, FRG 1985-1989

I am now retired after 24yrs.
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Post by Allan »

hello, Allan here. I was 15D20L9. Stationed at Camp Pieri near Wiesbaden from 12/75 through 6/78 with B Btry 1/333, 1st firing platoon. I was Theodolite operator, radio operator, platoon leaders driver and on the NBC team (nuclear, biological, chemical - we were supposed to go in to areas first to see if any of those goodies were there). Our battery commander when I got there was Cpt. Crawford then Capt. Biddle. First Sergeant was a guy from El Paso of Mexican heritage but I can't remember his name, Top Lincoln took over from him in 76 or 77. I worked with SSG Rowland, Sgt. Cadden, Cpl. Rego (or Rigo - Dale was his first name), Cpl Lane, "Eagle Beak" Rothenberg, "Flipper" Young, Romstadt, my good buddy David Ramsey (the lifer, went on to teach ROTC at Texas A&M Kingsville last I heard), Maurice Cadden, and many others whose names escape me right now. Was good buddies with some of the guys from C Battery too - Charles "Dutch" Padgett being about the only one I've been able to keep up with. 1st fire platoon leader was a little guy whose grandparents were Russian immigrants - Lt. Mrak. Great guy. Lt. Hogan took over in early 78 I think. Our XO when I got there was big old Kelly Cook. Played running back for the Wiesbaden Flyers, rode a Harley. 2nd fires platoon leader took over sometime in 77 - Lt., dang, can see his face but can't come up with the name - Keeling I think. Talked to him in 1990, he was a Major doing PR work at Ft. Stewart and, if I recall correctly, was about to be promoted and moved to the Pentagon.

We did an 8 minute 27 second fire mission on Crete in '77 and graded out at about 94. Still have the Stars and Stripes and Wiesbaden Post articles about that - A Battery got a 99 score but "only" had a 10 minute fire time.
chris griffin
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nbc team

Post by chris griffin »

i did the nbc team thing myself only we called it radiological survey team.
mighty nice to hear i wasnt the only one. to this day people ask me what all i did as a 15D and to this day 90 percent think im lying about it.
realistically though who would believe someone who says at age 19 they were 'working with the nuetron bomb.

chris griffin
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Post by Billk »

My name is Bill Kyle I was at Rivers Barracks from Feb of 87 to June of 89
My mos was 13nz3 Lance missle crewman/ mechanic, I was in bravo btry and drove the loader transporter
R.Woodward [sgt.woody]
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Post by R.Woodward [sgt.woody] »

B Btry S/F Lance Maint 83-85.....B Btry 2/377th Big Sticks 1st Launch
I have seen a few old friends here,I hope life has been good for you all.I would welcome any mail from you,always wondered what happened to you all,proud to have known you.......woody
Sgt Dennis Miller
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To anyone that remembers.........

Post by Sgt Dennis Miller »

Hi....When I first came to LANCE I was stationed at Rivers (Giessen) from 82-85....was in SVC and had alot of INTERESTING memories from there (the HUNDREDS of rats in the summer; the candy machine being thrown from the window; the biggest pile of pigeon crap I have ever seen(6 ft tall inside a classroom); but mostly I remember the PEOPLE some of the most interesting characters(and great friends) I have ever known....we were there for each other something that civilians will never understand....I will write some more later about the other places I was at....just wanted to say hi to all my LANCE brothers and sisters....
Dr. D
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Remebering Camp Pierie

Post by Dr. D »

I am David Kincaid. I was stationed with the HHQ 1/333 FA from 1986 to 1991. The Triple Three became the 1/32 in 1988, if my memory serves me well. Anyway, I loved being in Germany and serving at Camp Pierie. It was some of the greatest times of my life. I made so many great friends that unfortunatley I have lost contact with over the years. I am 41 now, seems like yesterday I was that 19 year-old kid enjoying life to the fullest with the greates friends on the planet. I was a 31C for two years and then worked as HHQ armorer for a couple of years. After that I moved into Supply with CPL Hicks and Sgt Moyer. I would love to hear from anyone that served in HHQ during that time. Also, anyone that knows anything about SPC Mark Barnes, CPL Steve Hartley, SPC John Bertrand, CPL Vincent Cortinas.
I am glad I came across this site.

David Kincaid
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Camp Pieri!

Post by Allan »

Hello Dr. D. - good to "see" someone that served at Pieri. It is now apartment/housing units for, I hear, students. You got to enjoy the "fruits of our labor" since you got there a few years after I did. We built the NCO club (I guess it was still there) above the PX (if you could really call it that) - Frieda in the PX was a great buddy of mine, always making sure I got the extra starch I wanted in my guard uniform (colonel's orderly 18 times!!). HHQ was on the left when you came in the gate. We were around the corner. When I first got there the mess hall was REALLY a "mess hall" - had been condemned the year before I got there but still in operation with occasional sewage over flows. The new mess hall was fantastic (comparatively speaking) but some of us were smart enough to make friends with the Air Force guys from Lindsey as their mess hall won honors nearly every year for the food.... had to know someone to get in, cost $ but not much and the food was primo.

We spent much time at the Platz Club downtown and a disco in Dotzheim that I forget the name. Was a great restaurant just outside the gate and some great wineries down the trail to Rudesheim. WOW, what a great place to be as a 17-year-old kid! Ended up staying in a tiny town waaay up the autobahn near Idstien called Steinfischbach. Great folks there that pretty much adopted us and treated us better than their own kids.

Had a heck of a unit too. As I said above we had an 8:27 fire mission at Crete and were often selected to be graders.
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I was stationed in 2/32 fa as a 13mike10

Post by rbrock40 »

I was stationed with 2/32 fa in giessen as a 13m10 with 3 other guys from Sill. We came shortly after the unit's move from Rivers Barracks. The Guys that were stationed with me were Allen Thompson, Frank Keeling and Eric Kraklio. I have fond memories of Giessen, especially the Taverne and Burghoff restaurants. I found John Furlow and Mark Cedras on this site and we have communicating on and off for about 7 months. I can be contacted via e-mail at rbrockc637fa@excite.com or by cellular at 678-933-3522
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Scott/Skooter Camp Peiri

Post by SKOOTER »

Hello to all of those that served at camp peiri... Name is scott s. i was there from 83'' to 87'' as a 15D. i moved around to all the Btry's from one point to another... Just saw a vedio of Plankenhorn... remember drinking a lot of beer with him... use to go to a little place down town... hard rock music and boots of beer... also spent a lot of time at big bens... and some at the western... so i just thought i would give a shot out to ya all... and i hope to hear back from some of you... all the best till then... scott/skooter
Spec. Jon Gillenwater
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Post by Spec. Jon Gillenwater »

Hello. Although I was 82C (surveyor), Lance was my only assignment, so I identify with missle humpers. From 1/93 to 5/94 I was at Ft. Sill A 1/12th with 1SG Ellis, Capt. Greene, SST Tommy TJ Williams (NC?), SST Ed Giddings(MI?), PVT Craig Bynum(OR), Sp4 Peter Johnson(MA?), Sp4 John Jarose(OR), PVT Joe Sclafanni (NJ). SGT Steve Hawley (SD) was in supply, SGT Frost and CPL Cross ran the motor pool. 15D names I remember were: Byes (who could for get her??!) and Atwood. I can't believe how little I remember. Anybody got photos?
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Re: What Was Your MOS & Duty Station?

Post by Will »

My name is SFC (Ret) John Williams know as Will, 15D/13N
Living in San Antonio, TX

I was at Camp Pieri from 1978-1983 in A & B Btry 1/333 F.A. in A&T and as a Rat Rig operator.
Served at Herzo Base 210 BDE in B-Btry 2/377 F.A. Big Sticks 1st A&T from 1985-1988.
Accomplishements: set the record for the fastest A&T operation at Crete in 1 hour 27 minutes with a 100% rating to boot, and won the first Lance Bowel title for B Btry, in A&T operations as well at Herzo.

Looking forward to hear from others who served in LANCE!