Reunion possibility

Any plans or requests for reunions can be made here
Travis Bennett
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Reunion possibility

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Trying to get a general consensus on a reunion idea. What would everyone think of having a reunion in the white sands area scheduled around a Lance firing. I have talked to a couple people out there and it might be possible for us to attend a firing. I asked about the possibility of us putting togeter a firing section and was shot down immediately. Safety, regulations, blah blah.
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Re: Reunion possibility

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Travis Bennett wrote:Trying to get a general consensus on a reunion idea. What would everyone think of having a reunion in the white sands area scheduled around a Lance firing...
Sounds interesting although I can't leave Michigan at this time. What happened at the last reunion. I got e-mailed about it. Is there any other group on the Web where this is talked about?
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A reunion would great,Imissed the last one, Hope this can come happen.
Travis Bennett
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Sorry so long for a reply. I'll do some more checking and let y'all know what I can talk the White Sands people into. The last reunion went pretty good, about 40 people showed up and we all had a great dinner at Mikes Sports Grill here in Lawton. Then a small get together/pic nick rgw following day at ambrosia springs on Fort Sill. I never did get a list of who all attended but Im sure it is out there somewhere.
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Who Went Last Time?

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Who attended the last reunion? Were there any pictures of the event? I would love to see them.
David-R: H
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reunion and Chris Bennett

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are you a brother of Chris Bennett, Travis?
I was with a Chris Bennett at Ft. Sill Nov 87 to Nov 89.
I would go to a reunion.
Randy Creeden
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Re: Reunion possibility

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I am SFC Randy Creeden I was a 95C,15B,and 15D, I was in Korea,Ft.Sill, All Bns, in Germany, FAMSEG Evaluator,(CRETA)
and last served in Hert-so Bad. I left the service in 1990 headed back to the Buckeye state. I have read lots of the posting of this web-site, But now that I am 57 I do not remember all of the great men and women I have had the privilage to get to serve with. I have heard stories from lots of service members while evaluating, training, and serving with such wonderful people. I just wanted to write and let everyone know about this Reunion. God be with you all.
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Hello my brothers and sisters who have served in Lance Missile units from 1972-1992.
The site for the reunion has been finalized.

I have been networking with different convention sites in Lawton and, Fort Sill has been gracious enough offer free support to our reunion. NCOA, and other Veteran support organizations who represent the Artillery and military families will be ask to attend our event with information to help retirees and their families.

The Lance Missile Reunion will be held at the Gunners Inn at Fort Sill, Oklahoma,
Date: Friday Sept 4, 2009
Time 6:30-11:00PM

Accommodations requested:
* A color guard
* The post CSM was requested to be a guest speaker, Let me know if any one else would like to speak,
* I would like Hal to be one of the speakers for the event, and one or two others from the officer and NCO ranks who served in Lance to speak for 5 to 10 minutes.
* Gunners Inn has a large Ballroom which can accommodate up to 500 or more attendees.
* Cost: $250 with an IT TECH or $150.00 to use there equipment if we use our own IT TECH. They have three screens to display what we want to show. Top top 40 an and other types of music will be played after the meal has been served.
* An open bar has been requested.
* The meal will be baked and fried chicken with two side orders and a desert for a total of $11.50 per person.

For those planning to attend the reunion, payment for the meal will be TBA NLT May 2009 with a point of contact designated prior to that date.

I feel that this reunion at Fort Sill will be rewarding for all! "Other updates will follow in the near future!
If anyone has any questions, please contact me with the information below after 6:00PM central time.

I will be making a trip to Ft. Sill in April with some others to rap up any last minute details for the reunion
Please continue to search for others, using Myspace and other tools to get the word out. I saw info on military .com recently.

John Williams, SFC (Ret) Lance Reunion Organizer
San Antonio, TX

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