What Was Your MOS & Duty Station?

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Re: What Was Your MOS & Duty Station?

Post by KeithT »

Keith Tulloch here. C1/12th,C6/37(MLRS) A6/33, in may'82, out june'91.
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Re: What Was Your MOS & Duty Station?

Post by Mack »

I was stationed at Camp Pieri from August 1983 to May 1985. I was in Service Btry, 1/333 FA. I was a wheel mechanic, and supported the 3 firing batteries. I don't recoginize any of the names from people who were there around that time. Some of the names I remember are LTC Wolf, CPT Rein, SSG Ellis (motor sergeant), fellow mechanics Brian Powers and Warren Spohn. Some of the 15D names I remember are EJ Mihalik, Tom Flynn, Dennis Lanphear, Wood (out of Cali). Hard to remember the first names. I was fortunate to go to Crete in 84 to support the evaluation, stationed there the whole month, at the NAMFI barracks. Great times, in Crete and in Wiesbaden. Stuff I remember, Western club, Big Ben's, Pam Pam's, Frankfurt, Sachsenhausen, Monsters of Rock concert, Carl Becker's vineyard across from Camp Pieri (he sold unlabled wine out of the cellar), Gluhwein during Fasching, Weinfest in Wiesbaden, the walkplatz, wo ist de bahnhoff?, nichts verstein. lol. I still drink Asbach Uralt cognac from Rudesheim on special occasions. When I was short I witnessed a German citizen being stabbed by a Turk. I wasn't back to the world 7 months and I got a letter from the German authorities asking me to come back to testify in court after they caught the perp. They paid for the whole thing, including lost wages from my job to be there. That was fun/weird/sentimental. I haven't been back since (the wall was still up). I wonder if Wiesbaden is as beautiful as it was back then. I read here somewhere that Camp Pieri is now student housing. Oh well. I'd like to make it back to Crete someday too (I think).
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Re: What Was Your MOS & Duty Station?

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Just found this post and saw some familiar names from a long time ago. I was stationed with A Btry, 1/333 FA at Camp Pieri in 84 and 85. I was a 05C/31C but worked as a crew member with first fire and live fired a missle in Crete. I'm still in the Army, back in Germany, and visited Wiesbaden recently - Camp Pieri is long gone as are all of our favorite drinking places downtown. Would love to hear from any one stationed with me and catch up. John Risko, still a close friend, is a police officer in Oregon and doing well. We still talk about our days with the 1/333 FA. Good memories. Best regards.
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Re: What Was Your MOS & Duty Station?

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Melinda Kruger
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Re: What Was Your MOS & Duty Station?

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:roll: I was at Camp Pieri from 82-86 and I started in A btry, then C btry, in both btry's I was on a firing squad and we went to Crete as well. I also served as the Post Mail Sergeant in the basement of the HHB & Service battery basements. Capt Moynihan and First Sergeant LeClair were my bosses while I was the Mail person. I remember all kinds of people and running the vineyards with the boot and all the Batterys in order. Those were some running fools then...My name at that time was SGT. Lodermeier, now it is Kruger... for 21 years and 3 kids later it has been Kruger...

The people I remember: SSg Gillian, SFC Rodenello, SGT Kirby, SSG Jones, SSG Phillips, SGT. Carol Lynn, PFC. Mary Carrilo, SP4. Mary Matuzak, SP4. Michelle Randall, SP$. Terri Lyons/Johnston, Mayo, SP4. Ken Kinnick, SGT. Terry Baldwin, SP4. Lori Februay, SGT. Fred Schoolfield, SP4. Mark Schmidt, SSG Collins, Kinnison, SGT Lemenager, SSG Mike Neckermann, SP4. Erika Thomas... the list goes on and on....
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JOhn Risko
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Re: What Was Your MOS & Duty Station?

Post by JOhn Risko »

My name is John Risko. I was stationed on Camp Perie A Btry 1/333 FA from March84-June 86. My mos was FA surveyor (82C10). I was able to go to Crete 2 times, once as a missle monkey (the section was short one) and the second time with NBC. Not the tv network.

I always hung out with my buddy John Kornman. He was a Rat Rig guy at the time. He is now a LTC in germany flying helos.

We partied at the Western Saloon and Big Bens. There was some other shit hole but I can't remember the name.

The worst thing I remember about the place was Cpt. Stephen West. That guy was such sissy. I can't stand any of the Atlanta teams because he was such a Braves fan. He always thought I was some kinda doper. He had the MP's and drug dogs go through my stuff right before hold baggage came to box it.

I live and work in Eugene, Oregon as a police officer, been a cop for 16 years. Did the dope cop thing, SWAT, and now on motorcycles. I spent some time in the National Guard and I really wanna go back in. My old unit is going back to Iraq next year.

Hopefully I will hear back from some of my old pals.
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Re: What Was Your MOS & Duty Station?

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I found this site by accident. I'm Linda Smith I was at Camp Pieri in 1980. I was one the first females to be a 15 Delta. Also one of the first to billeted in with the guys. I got a 3-man room all to myself right across from the CQ desk. I was in C Battery 1 333 FA. Captain Moench (Der Konig) was my Battery Commander. He later became Major Moench (pronounced "munch") later. I was the CO's driver and a Monitor Programmer. It's funny I remember his name, my jeep's name (Charlie Dog) and Barb Gage who was in FDC. I think the cook's name was John Freschette. We had a great time in Crete, ouzo is a trip. But that is about all I remember.
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Mike Hipp 3/32 fa Lance Camp Pieri 88-91

Post by fireman41670 »

Been awhile since ive been on the site here. Noticed a name David Kincaid. If anyone knows how to contact him let me know. I got back in touch with a few here Travis Bennett, Chris Muller, and Eric Forsman. Always looking for more to get in contact with just to see where they are. I live in White Hall,AR and work at the Pine Bluff Fire Department and have so for the past 13 years. I work part time for the police dept and been on SWAT for 6 years now. The times in the military especially as a 13N are times I will never forget and the experience I gained helped me through life. Give me a holler if you remember me. fireman41670@yahoo.com.
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Re: What Was Your MOS & Duty Station?

Post by grizzly14sure »

Hello guy's and gal's,
I was also a 15 delta lance missile crewman stationed in Geissien Germany from june of 79 thru dec of 81.
SFC Rondellno was a drill instructor at Ft Sill when I was in basic. I have a lot of good memories from those crazy nights in frankfurt and Hania Greece. I was also a member of the world record firing of a lance missile in 1980 with SSg VanCamp.
Well hopefully some one will post some memories from there soon .
Later Grizz
Raymond Clapper
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Re: What Was Your MOS & Duty Station?

Post by Raymond Clapper »

Hi, I was a radio operator and my first duty station was with the 12th USAFAD in Oderzo, Italy from 1983-1985. A great place and good guys. I found it amusing that I wasn't supposed to know what was stored down range, yet I was supposed to know how to destroy it.
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Re: What Was Your MOS & Duty Station?

Post by KennyG1961 »

I am SFC (Ret) Ken Gove and I served in A Battery 1/333 FA from Jun 1983 to Jun 1986. I was in 2nd Fire. Platoon SGT was then SFC Rodandello and then SFC Lookingland. Platoon Leaders were Lt Smart and her husband was before that (can't remember his name). The commander was CPT West. I had a great time at Camp Pierre and often reflect on the memories of my tenure there. I made some great friends there and I am in touch with a couple of them today. I am now retired and working for the U.S. Postal Service in southern Louisiana as a City Mail Carrier. I hope to hear from others that were stationed there while I was there.
Fat Cat Jackson
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Re: What Was Your MOS & Duty Station?

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Hey, I was stationed at herzo with duffy. Funny guy. We were both in Bravo battery. Signed Jackson.....Danny, not James
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Re: What Was Your MOS & Duty Station?

Post by Steve »

I was stationed at C battery 1/32 FA Fleigerhorst Caserne from 83-85
MOS was 15D. Came in as an E1, left as an E4. Went back to Ft Sill. Learned MLRS. It just wasn't the same after that.
Name: Steven Thury

I have good and bad memories, but the bad are way off in a distance. The good ones are fresh. I got to know some interesting and different people. Life was different back then, even though it was not that long ago. My Capt was Capt Lemnitzer (sp?). I have fond memories of Germany that stay with me to this day. I still remember much of the German I learned while there. Often, I wish I could go back and live it again.
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Re: What Was Your MOS & Duty Station?

Post by rags »

Hi my mos was 15b sgt missle but was phased out and I became a 15d. I served in A burg Germany with the 1st of the 80th fa svc btry 1977 to 1979. I also served in the 1st of the 12th fa at FT Sill from 1975 to1977 when i deployed to germany. I did serve as a 15b in korea from 1974 to 1975 in A btry 3bn 81st fa 4th missle comand supporting the 2nd inf. that was some of the best times in my military career i retired in 1993 as a 13m mlrs rockets :D
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Re: What Was Your MOS & Duty Station?

Post by Rentiers »

I was in 1/32FA at Fliegerhorst Kaserne from Feb85 to Dec87. I was a 31C10 (Ratt Rig) in HHB most of the time, but I was in SVC Btry for awhile too. I got there as an Sp4, made PFC :evil: and left as an Sp4 (promotable). Some of my friends & co-workers were Sp4 Joel Bass, Kermit Davidson, Pvt John Wallstrum, Pvt Matt Ventura, Pvt Molly Smith, SGT Hamilton, SGT John Harding, PFC Brian Ruth, PFC David Rushin, SSG Santiago, SSG Lee Bolen, LT Greg Pickell, CPT Curtis, LT Smith, Pvt Chip Shirell, and many others. My greatest enemies during my time at 1/32 were SFC Leroy Canty and CPT William De Haas. I'm so glad I was accompanied by my wife & kids. Otherwise I probably would've ended up in jail from beating the crap outta that slimy little dweeb DeHass. :)

Before 1/32FA I was in the SC National Guard HHC 118th Infantry (Mech) as a medic (91B&91C) for 4yrs. I happily ETS'd after my 3yrs in 1/32FA and went back to get my degree in business. Now I am a volunteer in the SC State Guard (not national guard) as a 1LT.

Bill Rentiers