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by R.Woodward [sgt.woody]
05 Jan 2008 14:46
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Topic: nicknames we earned while in the army
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MG Crosby...Cmdr Ft.Sill,stuck me with woody when I CQ`d at The Comanche House on Ft.Sill...Special Duty for the last 6mths at Sill before basic they called me alabama,where I`m from. At Herzo we had SFC Estevas..Pancho ?,SSG Harris..bugman,Me,SP4 Christie,SP4,PFC Croni...
by R.Woodward [sgt.woody]
05 Jan 2008 14:34
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Topic: What Was Your MOS & Duty Station?
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B Btry S/F Lance Maint 83-85.....B Btry 2/377th Big Sticks 1st Launch
I have seen a few old friends here,I hope life has been good for you all.I would welcome any mail from you,always wondered what happened to you all,proud to have known you.......woody