New Message Board Lance Missile Contact Information

Welcome!  I've received many e-mails about my Lance Missile Page.  Often people have written to ask if I knew someone they knew in Germany.  Some people have written to share their experiences working in a Lance battalion.  So I thought this message board might be a great way of everyone being able to write each other and exchange information.

I haven't had any problems testing this message board so far.  But if you come across any problems send me an e-mail.  This message board is open to everyone.  No membership or passwords are required.

I'm still looking for information on 1/32 FA.  Someone wrote me and said it was disbanded with its personnel reassigned throughout 5th corps.

Manuel Villanueva

Michael James
What a small world! I was stationed in B Battery 1/32 from Mar 75 to Oct 76. I was just goofing around to see if I could find out what ever happened to the Lance Missile system and what do I find...Someone who was in the same unit as I was. Brings back a lot of good memories...That was a few years ago.
Rudy Keith
Bravo Battery! I was in the 1st A&T from 12/83 through 07/85 under 1st Lt. Kilcullen, then 2nd Lt. Windsor & SSG Cottle.

You can also find more names @, they have a military connection page for 1/32 FA. You do have to become a member though, but it's free for the basic membership.