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Names 1/32 FA (1985-1986)

Here are some names of members of 1/32 FA during 1985-1986. Some of the names might be misspelled. One person wrote me and remembered our mail clerk sp4 Blevins. I wish I could remember more names. Let me know if any names sound familiar.


Cpt Curtis--Commander

First Sgt Church

First Sgt Ives (was 1st SGT right when I left)

Clarence, Ballard--I think he made Sgt last I seen him at 1/12th FA

Sp4 Brady Chaplain assistant

Pfc Martinez--cook

Missile Maintenance:

CW3 Chaisson

Sgt Crouse--Section Chief

Sgt Hernandez

Pfc Manuel Villanueva (that's me)

Pfc Cobb

Sp4 Fannin--oldest Sp4 I ever knew

Pfc Allen--Also Made it to 1/12FA. Big time Malboro smoker and lover of Wild Turkey.

Sp4 Colon--Clerk

Pfc Baugher--Also Made it to 1/12FA. Got out same time I did.

Sp4 Grey--roommate

Motor Pool Mechanics:

Sgt Towells

Sgt Manning--mechanic

Sp4 ristow--welder, light-wheel mechanic

Sp4 Homan--light-wheel mechanic

Pfc Tucker--light-wheel mechanic. Big time Camel non-filter smoker. Beer lover.

Pfc Napier--generator mechanic

1/32 FA C-BTRY

Sgt balli

Steve Morris--followed me to 1/12 FA.

Ssgt Andiamo

Sfc Morales

Sp4 Garrett--my roomate

1/32 FA a or b btry or HHB

sp4 Huckel--went to basic trng with me, German had relation over there.

SPC Blevins--Mailman

SD Reynolds

Was top Church a Pershing man? I had a drill sgt. in 79 that was named Church. He was a little short guy that fomed at the mouth when he yelled!

SD Reynolds Bravo 3/79th Lance, Rivers Barracks 1980-1983


1st Sergeant Church was hardcore (putting it nicely). He looked like uncle Fester from the Addams Family. He did his best to break us. For example PT runs. But he also had 3 heart attacks in doing so. He lived in the barracks so he could keep an eye on us. He always had kind words for us. I remember him talking to my section chief referring to me as a son-of-a-b***. By the way his mouth did foam. He would yell at us in formation until he worked himself into a frenzy. After doing such a good job whipping SVC Battery into shape they sent him to 5th Corps.

Rudy Keith

These people were in B Battery from 1983 through 1985; Bravo Battery:

Capt. Avairs Z. Baumanis
Capt. Petrik
1st Lt. Kilcullen
2nd Lt. Marshall Windsor
2nd Lt. Rock
SFC Huffman
SFC Spillman
SSG. Johnson
Sgt. R. Johnson
Sgt. Freeman
Sp4 Ray Brown (deceased)
Sp4 Rudy Keith (me)
Sp4 Hopson
Sp4 Ira Scott
Sp4 Redhair
Sp4 Sunday
Sp4 Bench
Sp4 Cardwell

There are more, whose names I can't recall right now, but I sure can dig them up.


I remember Spc Redhair and a few others on that list. It's been ages since I've heard these names. Thanks for posting them.


Ok, was Sgt Manning the gentleman who had problems with his wife? Who was that guy, he wanted to stay Spec4, worked in armory and liked to sing cadence?

Tucker was also one helluva snorer if I remember right.
Huckel went to Svc Battery at Fleigerhorst.
I wish my memory was a little better. Sooo many good times.


Yes Sgt Manning small thin guy who wore wire rim glasses. I believe his wife was German and deaf.

I think the SVC BTRY amourer at the time used to do dip all the time.

Thanks for writing.

mike gajeski

SFC spillman was my platoon sgt. in aschaffenburg from 1980-1982. to me personally he was a great NCO.does anyone know where he is now?i know he was married to a german lady.

Brian Short

OK, I should have looked at the pics more before I had made that post back in October. I had the 1/12 and 1/32 confused. I must be getting old.

I was in headquarters at 1/12 at Ft Sill from 10/83-12/85 then 1/32 service at Fleigerhorst from 12/85 to 1/88.

I was in Horse C's squad in Svc 1/32.
Ok, here's some 1/32 names.

Sgt Doyle (you see his shoulder over Manuel's)
Sgt Spud (real name?)
Sgt Trad (short female)
Spc4 Lonnergan
Spc4 Belleu (sp?)
PFC Blackburn (Blackie)

Ok, that's it for now.


Sgt Trad sounds familiar but I can't recall the face. There wasn't that many females so it was hard to forget them.


mike gajeski

manuel,i have a couple of things i need to you know barry thomas?we go way back from our time in missile maint. at the lance branch in 82&83.his wife's name at that time was kim.i've been looking him for some time.i do know that she remarried and was living in california.also when did you go through the maint. course?i went through it in jan/feb 1980.we zulu 3,s really must stick together.


I think I remember a Thomas but he was in A & T. Short, husky, a scar down his upper lip (was married). Always starting fights off post. I was in missile maintenance at 1/32 85-86; 1/12 86-87.

mike gajeski

manuel,that would be thomas.last i heard he was a truck driver.perfect job for him it sounds like.

JR Deardroff

Thomas used to always get in fights with his wife also. He ran around with a guy that went on a beer diet. The names I remember are Sgt Doyle,Sgt Bowmount from Texas, Sgt JoAnn Trad, Sgt Harris. Sgt Jay-Jay Alexander.

Lonnie Baker

Jo Jo Trad. Now there's a character. I worked withher in Crailsheim and Hanau a bit later