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Rudy Keith
05/07/2004 also has a listing of 1/32 service members; and (,12170,1-OO-0,00.htm) has a buddy finder. You do have to register with both to become listed. This is a free service, but the has a fee based feature for something like $30.00 annually, but the fee based membership is not required to become listed.

The website also has a page dedicated to the 1/32nd. Again you have to register to obtain access to the site. They only have something like only 27 former members of the 1/32nd FA! They have a buddy finder with e-mail links to those persons (if they have e-mail). They have obtained their database info from the DoD.

Thanks Rudy
Thom Bell

There are actually 40+ members of the 8th USAFAD on and I served with about 18 of them. How ironic.