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I know many of you have pictures you would like to share on line.  Just to let you know sites such as let you create photo albums for free.  I think they have a limit on how many pictures you can upload.  It would be great to share some of these pics.

Garmisch -- December 20th, 1985

Everyone pictured is from 1/32 SVC BTRY (except for the ski instructor in red and SGT Crouse's wife)

Tim Seaman

Greetings to everyone... I agree and I'm in the process of scanning old negatives and pictures with a goal of getting them posted to the web. The photo web page I've been using is they have no photo limit and the system works well. Once I get the pictures on the web I'll let everyone know...

Thanks, Tim

Tim Seaman

Okay folks,

I've scanned in a lot of my pictures from Herzo Base and some misc pics too but there are still more so check back later... The quality isn't that great and the pictures are smaller to make things easier. The first four pictures are when they found the bazooka's and the rumor is they also found knives and helmets. Visit this address and you'll see the pictures:

I hope you enjoy them, Tim S.


I sure wish I shot 124 pictures when I was with my Lance unit in South Korea in 1991 but I took about 20 pictures After the treaty with the ussr we went to a sea range and shot them into the ocean. It's at this address on the bottom of the page


Tim: Checked out your pics of Herzo Base. I had a picture of my stereo too. For a while I kept buying new components every month. They (overseas) had some great components that were hard to find in the U.S. Like the Nakamichi Dragon cassette deck. Its idea of auto-reverse was stopping the tape, physically taking the tape out and flipping it around then playing the other side (fun to watch).

Bill Heiland

You can also send your pics to me and i will post them on my webpage, a few have been submitted already and have been posted.

Bill Heiland

Now the webpage is