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Pictures 1/32 FA at Garmisch

I found two pictures of 1/32 FA's trip to Garmisch, Germany (1985?).  The first link is a picture inside the restaurant.  From left to right:

Ristow-SVC Battery welder, next person...I believe he was in Headquarters Battery, PFC Tucker-SVC Battery light wheel mechanic, Me-Missile Maint.

Next picture isn't very good but it's the only picture I have of my roommate.  Far left wearing shades.  I believe his name was PFC Allen-Missile Maint.  I've come to the conclusion he wore shades due to marijuana :)


Damn, Did we all look like dorks back then??!! Got to love those velour shirts and army haircuts.


Yeah. It was pretty easy to tell us apart from the civilians.

Kurt Lehnhardt

Some of these faces sure look familiar. Was a surveyor in HQ 85-86 1/32. But Have fuzzy memories of those days. Went on Garmisch ski trip once. I remember that was when Challenger exploded Jan '86.