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B Battery, 1/32 FA 1985-87
David Weimer

I was in Bravo Battery from 85-87. 1/32 FA. I ended up living in Stuttgart, Germany, from '99 to 2001, and took a road trip back to Fliegerhorst. Got in pretty easy and drove to the back parking lot of the barracks. Strange to see the old place again. I took a rock with me.

I was in the survey section and was an instrument operator. We put in firing points all over the training area and put in the firing points that would have been used in the Fulda Gap if the Lance was ever used to stop the Russians.

I ended up doing ten more years in the Army National Guard in Florida and Pittsburgh, in an engineer company as a demolitions combat engineer and as a surveyor and FO in the artillery batallion in Pittsburgh.

I wonder when the Lance batteries were deactivated in Fliegerhorst Kaserne? Nice to see your website. Brings back old memories.

David Weimer

Kurt Lehnhardt

Was a Surveyor in HQ 1/32 85/86 nick named "Lenny". But have fuzzy memories of that tme. The only name I can remember was Sp. Fry one of my roomates. I don't recognize your name. Can you help with other Surveyors names from back then?