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8/84 "B" Roster 1/32 FA Fleigerhorst
Mary the Medic Egan

SSG Renwick Adderley
2LT James Amick
Sp4 Luis Bahamundi
CPT Aivars Baumanis
Sp4 Ross Bench
Sp4 Fred Blount
Sgt Dwight Brown
SSG Donald Busbee
Sp4 Steven Butenewicz
Sp4 Willard Cardwell
Sgt Thomas Christie
Sp4 Luis Colon-Zapata
Sgt Dona Cottle
Sp4 William Crane
PFC Bill Crowley
PFC Joseph Danish
Sp4 Haryanto Daud
Sgt John Davi
Sp4 Dorthy Dixon
Sp4 Michael Dono[w]?
Sp4 Keith Douglass
PFC James Fowler
Sgt Phillip Freeman
Sp4 Larry Fritts
SFC Arthur Fuentez
Sp4 Michael Greenleaf
Pv2 Dewayne Grooms
Pv2 robert Harlan
SFC Jeffrey Harrell
Sp4 Kenneth Hester
PFC John Hicks
PFC David Hopson
Sgt Virgil Howard
SFC Jim Hoffman
SSG Darryel Johnson
Sgt Rodney Johnson
Sgt Cora Jordan
PFC Rudy Keith
Sgt Donald Kennedy
Sp5 Roger Knox
Sp4 Ralph Lherisse
PFC James Lock
SSG Cassandra Lymore
Sgt David Marshall
Sp4 Gary Mayberger
Sgt Michael McFarland
Pv1 Scott McGilton
SSG Phillip McMillin
Sgt Ora Moore
Sgt Craig Mosier
Pv2 Russell Nelson
Sgt Chris Neuman
SFC William Oliver
SSG Clestine Paulette
Sgt Raymond Penberthy
Sp4 Jeffrey Porter
Sp5 Cloyd Powell
Sp4 Michael Raptice
Sp4 Frank Randall
Sgt Charles Raulerson
Sp4 Martin Rodriguez
Sp4 Victor Roman
1SG Alvin Scott
Sp4 Ira Scott
1SG Thomas Sergent
SSG Donald Shelder
PFC Bryon Shumate
Sp5 Arnold Singleton
Sp4 James Smalls
SFC James Spillman
PFC Gregory thomas
Sp4 Tony Thomas
Sp4 Ronald Tibbs
Sp4 Dora Toro
SSG Roger Wood

Rudy Keith

OMG what a gr8 list. I couldn't remember half of these people, but this list brings back their faces! I hate to say it, but I don't remember having to have an annual weigh in... but then again I was on 19 way back then.

Mary the Medic Egan

Trust me~~~~many of us try to forget about having weigh-ins and that dreaded Weight Control Program. I can't tell you how many times I had to mess up paperwork to keep Peters (from HHB Commo section) from being kicked out! LOL Glad it helpped. I was hoping it would. found the list when I was cleaning out some old boxes a few wks ago and decided to hold onto it. Then found out about this site and thought it would be a good thing to post. Have you checked out the pics on There are a bunch of them on my site there and more to come.......
Have a GREAT day!