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1/32 FA Fliegerhorst 1984
Mary the Medic Egan

Okay~~~~ There must be something drastically wrong with me, but after 22yrs I was still able to find an old Roster of the unit, printed in August 1984. I was the Bn Weight Control NCO and still had a list I'd used for that. I have listed each Bty separately. I apologize if there are any errors in the spelling of names (the paper has faded in it's 22yrs~~or perhaps my eyes have!) Also I apologize if anyone is omitted from the list. If so, please add a commit with your name in the appropriate Bty listing. (Along with how many push-ups I have to drop and do!) Hopefully this will jog some old dusty grey matter and help you remember those we knew so long ago. Maybe help you put a name to a face you know you remember, but the name won't come to you. Or maybe just bring back some memories that will bring a smile to your day.

Mary the Medic's prescription for you all:
"Every man deserves to start his day with a KISS"~~~~ And get at least one good smile in somewhere each day! (My "C"Bty guys will know what that means. LOL)