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Assigned to SVC 1-32 FA in 1983-1984
Scott D. Joslin

Just hoping someone else who runs across this site might recall me or some of the others I knew @ SVC BTRY (Charles Ray Hudson, Curtis Adams, Martin Forester, Kenny Seward, Mark Hewitt, Doug Leclair, Jerry Figures, Chuck Gibb, Rick Hall and others) and make contact.

Rudy Keith

Click on the 07/16/02 posting by Joseph Rene Leal, there is a Paul Savastano who states he was in Svc. Battery at about the same time.

I was in Bravo Battery from 12/83 through 07/85 under Capt. Baumanis.

Paul Savastano

i was there from 10-1983 to 10-1984 e-mail if you want to . i remember most of the guys you mentioned and i'm quite sure i remember you scott


anyone still out there from svc 1/32nd its been kinda slow here . just wanted to hear from some people who were there

Jack Shamblin

SSG Shamblin here. I remember most of those names sure brings back some memories. Good times and bad times. Hardest part was getting housing for the family. Wish I could do it all over and be as mature as I am now but as young as I was then :)

Mary the Medic Egan


I remember alot of those names. I was in HQ btry. I think I recall your name, but can't put a face with it. Did you go to Crete in '84?

Mary the Medic Egan

Not sure how often you check this site so thought I would drop you a message and let you know I posted a list of all the members of 1/32 from Aug of 84. You might want to take a look at it. Also have many pics up on the 1/32 site in