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1/32 FA pictures up!
Mary the Medic Egan

I have downloaded several pictures on the site under Hanau 1/32 FA. Have several more to put on. Then I will see about putting them into Photobucket or some other such site so everyone can see them. (Not sure if Classmates lets you look at them if you are not a paying member----if someone isn't and can view them, let me know!) Hopefully these will also help jog some memories, even for those who weren't there when these people were. There are pics from around the barracks, in the field, off duty time, the lance, and Crete. If they aren't all on there yet, they will be eventually. (I still have dial-up connection and it takes FOREVER for pics to load!!) Have about 140 or so that I will eventually have up. Feel free to add comments or post a name of someone if I don't have it. Some people I have the names of but they wouldn't fit in the title line. Eventually I will go back and do a comment to put the names in. Enjoy looking!!!