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C Btry 1/12th 84-86, 1/32FA 86-88
Ted Linnenkamp

Names from Ft Sill OK.

Miller, Zimmerman, Coffey, Richenburger, Goodrum, Kennedy, Finelle, Bradley, Grundy, Ellis, Grey, Robinson, White, Thomson, and Hinihosa.

Names from Hanau FGR.

Baker, Quant, Miller, (all the female MPs that shared our barracks:.), Herns, Bradley, Harper, ...

The second list is shorter because of all of the brain cells I lost drinking in FGR, Crete and other places I think about fondly but have long forgot.

Even if I missed your name but you remember me.

Send me a note if you would like to catch up.

Ted L.


Ted, Isn't Zimmerman the one that had a humongous thumb?