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3/12FA and 1/32FA
Tod Pennington

Anybody out there from 3/12 in Aschffenburg or 1/32 after 3/12 went to Hanau? Trying to catch up with folks

chris klaker

hey LT P cool to hear from you talk to you soon

Jeff Whitten

I was in Charlie Battery until 3/12 shut down and then got moved to HHB in 1/32. Have a hard time remembering many names, but some I remember like they were yesterday ... guys like Arial Chang, 1SG Loya, SSG Hardy, Stan Anderson, Karl Wendt in 3/12 and Sgt. Maybee in 1/32.

I was a surveyor and career E4, btw

Dennis F. Miller

I was in that unit when it became 3/12th.... I was there from 87-90....was known as Sgt Miller...started in C moved up to A...made alot of friends...weird how it is all gone now...

Tony Aldrich

Svc Btry 1/80 (re-designated to) 3/12 FA Bn. 11/86 - 07/90.