nuke em till they glow 2nd 42 cryin sham

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snake pvt hulin
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nuke em till they glow 2nd 42 cryin sham

Post by snake pvt hulin » 04 Dec 2008 15:08

hay i spoke with col van horn last week by email.
that blew my mind he was the batallion commander 79-82 mckee barracks
whew what memorys.

he remembered when i drove the jeep in the ditch during the batallion run.
would love to find anyone from thoes days 2/42.
pvt hulin aka snake

james mc cartney
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Re: nuke em till they glow 2nd 42 cryin sham

Post by james mc cartney » 04 Mar 2009 08:23

Hey snake, how you doing? I was in Crailsheim from early 83 to 85 and I remember Col. Van Horn. Ltc. Mullet took over for him in 83. I spent my first year in service batt. and then transfered to A-battery for my second year. The Battallion phrase "nuke em till they glow" was changed to "strike deep." The locals didn't like the fact we were a nuke unit, so the big wigs changed the battallion phrase.
I look back and really miss those days. I loved the Rod and Gun club and going down town to the Tref Punkt (bar). The food and the girls were pretty good too.
McKee Barracks urban legend, was there really a German underground airstrip in the back forty that was sealed at the end of the war. If you know anything about it please reply to

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Re: nuke em till they glow 2nd 42 cryin sham

Post by fnm62 » 23 Apr 2009 15:44

Hello Gents

I was in Bravo Btry 2/42 from Mar 84 to Mar 87. What a place. I really loved it there and some times miss the place. A great Bunch people over there. At one time I had Lt. Wick and Lt Minez in charge of the platoon. I see there was a couple of post inquiring about her here and there.