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Ft. Sill, OK
Michael Burton
Hello to all former Lance Missile Crewmen. I was stationed at Ft. Sill from early 1973 - late 1974. I was part of the first crew trained on the Lance. Glad to see this page with a message and would love to hear from some of the guys that were in my Unit.
Ernie Elliott
I was a member of the 1st Lance Provisional Battalion the 1/12th at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. From March 1971 to July 1973. It was an interesting time. The 1/12th was formed from the old Honest John Battalion 1/32 FA BN. They kept one battery as an Honest John battery and deactivate the 1/32 at that time. We spent 9 months chasing around the desert at WSMR, quite interesting. I have fond memories of times at WSMR and Fort Sill. I would like to hear from the old timers back then. Maurie, Mick, Steve, JW. and more.