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1-333 FA, Weisbaden

Finding this site brought back some great memories.

Anyone out there spend any time with the "Three Rounds" battalion on the hill in Camp Perry?

I was there from '83 o '86.

Travis Bennett

I was there from 87-90, lots of great memories. OLd Daddies, Western Saloon, Big Bens.

Rudy Keith

Did you know Ira Scott who was with the 1/32FA ('83-'85)previously? He was @ Camp Perry from '89 - '92?

Travis Bennett

The name doesnt ring a bell, what battery was he in?

SP/4 Heiland

I was in bravo btry 1/333, then later to 3/32. from 85-88, sad to hear the old camp is shut down now, if anyone has any e-mail addys or knows how i can get in touch with peeps from the hill please let me know, ahhhh yes i remember, old daddies and big bens........lost many weekends there, i miss create even more.

Randy G

I was in 1/333 Bravo battery as a 15delta in Apr 75 - nov 78, "on the hill". For the last 1.5 years i was the theodolite operator and now i am a land surveyor. The lance was still fairly new then.

Gordon Lamb

A Battery 1/333, Camp Pieri, from 81-83. If anyone was in Alpha (top floor) after that, was the 'Above and Beyond' painting still there, at the doors?

craig kirk

I was on the hill from 88-90 in B battery 3/32. I remember old daddies, the western and big bens. I went back to Germany in 92 and went up to the hill, It looks so pitiful now, hard to believe we were there at all.

Dan Root

Looks like Randy Guest and I were at Camp Pieri (note the spelling, guys) just about the same time, but I didn't know him. Us off-post guys didn't mix much with the barracks rats from outside our own battery. I arrived in Oct 75 and left in November 79. Worked with MSG Smalley in S3 at first. When I got promoted the took my cush job away from me, and put me in charge of a section. Frank Mrak, Ed Gaunt, Ron Wilkerson, Steve Mclain, Santiago Arrona, and some dufus lieutenant from the Citadel whose name escapes me. Had a ball in Germany, and would have liked to stay if I could have found a civilian job that paid well. The duty generally sucked, but I enjoyed traveling in Switzerland and Germany, and the skiing in Austria.

Mark Kolodzie

I was in the second group trained to use the Lance and assigned to 1/333 at Camp Pieri in Sept.1973. I was in B battery (2nd floor) firing platoon and also had some experience in survey platoon. Capt. Douglas Brown was our CO--Lt. Vance our Plt. leader. NCO's included Perry, Carter,Tyree and "swee pea"(in survey platoon).Would love to hear from anyone serving in 1/333 from Sep. 1973 to Apr. 1975. It was a pretty good job, wasn't it?

mike gajeski

hey gordon, are you still taking alot of pictures? ski

mike gajeski

major douglas brown was the commander of the lance branch back in 1983.i still concider him to be a great friend.

mike gajeski

i was in a-btry in 83-84 with gordon are some more names i have located:sgt's terry baldwin,tim hoda,ken gove.i have talked with gil cowan but i am not sure where he is at right now.i hope to hear from anyone who remembers these names.

SP4 Ed jackson

I was with A-Btry 1-333FA Wiesbaden from 84-87. I worked with Gordon Lamb, Sgt Gove ended up freezing my feet reforger 85 transfered to supply and armor. remember all the names listed. mike gajeski where you an Lt from MASS?would like do know if anyone knows what happened to SGT Jack Gaskill. I was also with second fire with LT brian P. martin, SFC Wilbert White SGT Candido J. Torres, SGT Jack Gaskill, SGT Keoni M. Hatchie, SP4 Mark Brodesser, SP4 Troy Malone and PFC Benjamin Gaines. Our door in the basement said "We deliver a piece of the sun". I married a german Woman when I was, there best thing the Army gave me, been married 21 years and I have no regrets. Enjoy hearing from anyone.

Ken Gove

My name is SFC(R) Ken Gove and I served in A Btry 1/333 FA from Jun 1982 to Jun 1986. I remember Gajeski, Lamb, Torres an Gaskill. If you wish to contact me, you can find me in the directory on line. I live in New Iberia, Louisiana. I retired from the Army in February of 2000 and I currently work for the U.S. Postal Service. Hope to hear from friends and troops of the past from Camp Pierre.

mike gajeski

hey ken, what's up?I was going to call you after rita hit but i missplaced your phone #.I've been talking to ed jackson,he brought back alot of memories.feel free to e-mail me any e-mail address is

Ken Gove

Hey Mike. What's been up with you? I got a call from Jackson yesterday. We talked for a little while and I couldn't remember some of the things he brought up but then again, that was years ago and I am getting old...hahaha. I can email my number to you. Laterz....Ken

Ken Gove

What I want to know is "How many of the people from our era 1982 to 1986 that spent time on the hill, are still in the army?"