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50 Msl Regt
Lee Simpson

My father served with the above regt from`77-`87. He finished as Battery sergeant-major in 15 Bty. The Lance was a fantastic piece of equipment.I used to watch all the guys going through thier drills in camp many many times.Also as a member of the school cadet force, i attended an annual camp in `86 with the bty. Any Lance fans,get in touch.

Jesse L. Ritter

I was at the 69th USAFAD with BSM Simpson...I also lived in the Sergeants Mess at Menden..Lots of good time there....Hope all is well......
Jesse L. Ritter

Tom Burke

I was with the Stores Section in the early days of Lance at 50, and so the first live firing in Benbecular - good friendly unit

Kelly Pulczinski

Hey Jesse, I was assigned with you at the 69th USAFAD, I worked in the comsec vault and with the TACSAT, Hope to hear from ya!