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2/377th FA - Herzo Base, Germany
Tim Seaman

I was stationed at Herzo Base in Germany for two years and have wonderful memories of the surrounding villages. I would like to exchange pictures of Herzo and would love to hear stories about what happened the final days before it was turned back to the Germans. Look forward to hearing from you...

Regards, Tim S.

Chris Prichard

I was also stationed at Herzo Base from 5/72-12/75 first with C btry 1/33 FA Honest John and then C btry 2/377 Lance. I was in FDC. I had some great times too although I don't have pictures of Herzo base. Ray Komisky's ASA site has some great picture of Herzo from the 60's, 80's, 90's and even 2001. Try

Shawn Girard

I was stationed at Herzo from Nov 1987- Nov 1990. The unit was changed to 2/12th FA (Lance) I was also in C Btry. I worked in maintenance. was back there in 1986. Was at Graf. with my Stateside reserve unit. Went to Herzo for a visit. Motorpool was a brewery and the town still looked the same as when I left. I have some pics, will try to dig them out.

Alex Wildes

Hi Guys and Gals,

I was in Bravo Btry from 7/78 through 11/82, then went to teach at the Lance school until I got out in 11/84.

Anybody remember the Beer Bar? Had a great time while there.

It was a sad day when I heard 7th corp. was being demobilized, because I knew then that Herzo would be closed down.

Anyone from that time frame, give me a shout..Pollard, Dunn, Scruggs, Gornto, Cederstrom Witt.


Alex "wildman" Wildes

Donald Essex

I was in service btry from july 78 thru march81. I sure enjoy looking at old pictures and new thanks all

Dana Powers

I was stationed in Herzo from 4/1/86 to 3/29/89 with C btry 2/377th FA which then was changed to 2/12FA. I also have very fond memories of my tour in Bavaria. I am looking to contact many of the people I served with. I would love to describe some of my own experiences and pictures if anyone is interested

Glenn Smith




I was with the 2/42FA in Creilshiem when the Lance first came to Germany & I was sent to Herzo in Feb of 75 to help train the guys in the 2/377FA. I was in the Assembly unit of A battery. I did time in Graf. I made three trips to fire at White Sands. Only spent 2 years in & left as a Sgt-Acting. Made grade fast because I was one of the first that was train formally in the Lance. What was real cool is when Herzo was closed, it was my Uncle that was one of the last to close the gates at Herzo.

Scott Maricich

2/377 Field artillery Hooo Ya


Made a mistake, was at Herzo Feb 73 to Aug 75. Been so long couldn't remember when I got there. Anyway, Chris Prichard, did you work with a guy by the name of John Neuman? He's the only guy I remember from C Btry. I was in A btry and I got to know John pretty well. When he got out of the service I stood up in his wedding. Anyone remember that bowling alley... Always remember trying to find food late at night and having to go there and get a hot dog. Pretty bad if that's what you can remember. Oh, and the large area of trees on the hill behind the mess. We had the BEST stereo shop around too. Everyone would come to Herzo to buy Stereo Equip.

Marc Gravitt

I was in C Battery 2/377th from '84-'86. My roommate was first Rob (Robinson), then Cradit from South Padre Island, Texas. Some of guys were Ski, from upper New York, Junior, tall thin guy with black hair and I can't remember who else. By the way other page that says "Best Lance ever". They wish, we were the only unit to ever score a perfect 100 in Crete, Greece in '85.

Mark Laugisch

I was stationed at Crailsheim from '85 to '88 and we would go evaluate their ARTEP's. The best thing about Herzo base was the FRIGGING Golf course!! damn, you guys had it made. Marc Gravitt, was that firing section that got a 100% in crete under SFC COE(later CW2 COE)? He was my section chief when I was at the 84th USAFAD from 81 to 83. The guy loved to party, if you know what I mean.

Marc Gravitt

Yeah he was my platoon sgt. for A&T. After about 8 months he moved over to one of the firing platoons. The whole unit scored 100%, A&T & Firing. Their was a write up in the Stars & Stripes about it, I think I still have it somewhere. I later ran into CW2 Coe in Korea, I was there from '87-'89, he came over from Ft. Sill for our ARTEP. He really new his shit and he did like to party. What ever happened to him?

Mark Laugisch

I was kinda hoping you might know what happened to him? I hadn't seen him since He was going thru the WO school and I was an instructor at the LANCE Branch. Hands down, the most knowledgeable SOB about the LANCE.

Marc Gravitt

Did you know an instructor named Anthony Robinson? Everyone called him Rob, E-5 from Baltimore. Should have been around '86 or '87. He was in my section at Herzo.

Mark Laugisch

No, I didn't know A. Robinson, he must have been at the branch before I got there. I was there from Feb 88 to Jan 89. Sorry. While I'm at it, the main reason I was interested in these boards was that I had seen several Die cast models of the Lance system during my tenure but can't seem to find any. I've looked on e-bay, but no luck. You know were I might get my hands on some?

Tim Seaman

I've scanned in a lot of my pictures from Herzo Base and some misc pics too but there are still more so check back later... The quality isn't that great and the pictures are smaller to make things easier. The first four pictures are when they found the bazooka's and the rumor is they also found knives and helmets. Visit this address and you'll see the pictures:

I hope you enjoy them, Tim S.

Brian Adams

Glad I found this board. Brings back great memories. Was at Herzo from '81 to '84 in HHS, C Btry, and A Btry. As a newbie 2LT, was lucky enough to have great NCOs who kept me alive and out of trouble- for the most part. SA1B, NATO-23, and cholesterol-loaded cheeseburgers at the snack bar.

Herman Lange

I was at herzo from 75 -78, i was svc. 2/377
it was a happy time for must of us,



I started a webpage dedicated to Herzo Base a few months ago. Please share your memories and any pictures that you may have...



does anyone know the members names of the section from a & t that got 100% and mated the misslie under a hour i know that it was c brty 2/ 12 herzo germany and one was benford

Jesse Ritter

Section chief was SSG George Martell