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Rivers Barracks Germany, 1985-1989
John Bertalan

How many of you were at "The Zoo" between 85 and 89?? Those were some wild times!! Going to Crete for ASP was a blast!!

Remember the GI band "Greyghost??" We kind of sucked back then but we got better as time went by. Believe it or not, they are still around with Bunnell on vocals. You can check them out here:

....and my page here:


stan lindahl

NO WAY!!! Greyghost is still rockin'?! I was in A Btry with Bunnell and Bill Arbogast from Jan 86 to Jan 89. "I went to see the Man, who put 5000 in my hand and he promised me an education. Then all they did was use me, mistreat me and abuse me, and send me to a foreign nation." F.T.A.!!!! Don't know if I got all the words right, but that just came back to me after almost 20 years. Wow, where did all that time go?! It would be really cool to hear back from any of you guys. Definitely going to check out the band's web site. Later!! Stan

K Skaggs

I was stationed at Rivers from 74 to 76; still remember the locked up silos. It was a zoo for sure...Holler

Ray Bickel

Hey Ive been trying to contact my buddies at Rivers I was there from 1986 -1989 anyone remembers me email me lets get in contact Ray Bickel
nickname was "Charlie"

stan lindahl

Hey Ray!! You were in the mail room, right? I was in A Btry, 2nd fire. I think you drove a little, red VW Fox, didn't you? Drop me a line! Stan

Henry Vinson

I was at River in 1977-1979.Iwas in A Btry3/79ThFA in frist A&T and LTopertor I still remember sound of the 318 Detriot. I had SSGT Gibson As Section Chief. The Zoo Home Of FTA!!!!.Mid-Night Call.


Hey all, here is a link to some pictures of Lance/city of Giessen/Giessen military community and the Depot NATO site from the early 1980's. Enjoy!!

Brad Gouteriez

Hey all,
I was in A Btry with Bunnell, Played on the famous A Btry softball team. Bunnell was he in the motorpool right, remember 2 Crete and drinking Ozo and the famous 50-50 club.. 87-89 "THE ZOO"

Kenneth Cole

Hey All, I was in 3/79 from Oct 1985 till Dec1989, started out in Svc Btry and later moved over to A Btry and started running things. I have been retired for 6 years now. I am living in Ft. Sill (Lawton, OK). We just had a reunion last year. There was a pretty good showing. There is nothing scheduled for this year but next year is suppose to be the big one. To all my fellow Missilemen, please pass the news around. You can hit me up at Looking forward to hearing from you.

russell brock

I was assigned to 2nd Bn 32 Fa after it was reflagged from the 3rd Bn 79 fa. I was a 13M ( MLRS) but I remember 1SG Bagby, SFC Monaco, SPC'S Furlow,Flederjohn and who could forget pretty boy Mark Cedras? It was many years ago but I still remember

SSG Furlow

Long time no see.
All Hail C 2/32 FA There is no better and never will be. All those missilemen who remember the good old days you know what o do..

Nice to see we're all still around


russell brock

Furlow is that you? You were a specialist when you PCS'd. If it's you, email me at

russell brock

To all Lancers and 13M's atationed at Depot, Giessen with @nd Bn 32nd Fa, y'all can reach at my my space page.

John Furlow

Yes Brock...It's me. Your old roommate. BOO!!!