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Oderzo Italy
Marco Conti

I was a lieutenant missile section commander in the Italian Army in Oderzo Italy in 1979-81. I have great memories of my time there and of the time spent drinking beer and trying to communicate with the Americans next door. Anyone served in Oderzo in that period? My English was not as good, but my beer drinking was excellent and I have great memories of my time there. At the end of my tour I went to Sardinia and actually fired a Lance into the sea. Just wanted to say hi to the members of this board.


Ciao Marco --

I was in the 12th USAFAD and we were divided between Oderzo and Codogne. I spent six months in Oderzo and two years in Codogne between 1976 and 1978, just before your time.

What was the name of the Caserma in Codogne? There's a picture of it from Google Earth posted in this board. It looks abandoned.

The Oderzo Caserma was Caserma Zanusso, but I haven't tracked it down in Google Earth.

Eino Ristola

I was at Codogne 81-83 miss the place

Ken Gove

I was at Codogne' from 91 to 92. When I got there I got the extra title of Assistant Site NCOIC. I was the one that had to coordinate and prepare the site for closure in 1992. My last assignment as a Lancer. I then got reclassified into the Mechanized Infantry as an 11M3X and was stationed at Fort Carson Colorado.

Sam Watts

Staff Sergeant Eino Ristola... I remember you! Wow too many years have gone by. I was that smart-ass corporal there at the 83rd (LOL). I was at the 12th USAFAD too, from Sep 89- Apr 92. Downrange Site Algo. In the heart of Orsago, Italy "Zona Denuclearizzate" The dolomites were right there in your face. Awesome country. I really miss the country and the people. I was the final Site Security NCOIC at Site Algo. I remember standing in the LA and watching the last Chinook fly off into the distance. I said to myself "The world is changing, Cold War is over" Then I had a shot of Grappa and Budweiser!

David Noble

I was a custodial agent at Codogne from 83-85 loved and missed it. I am trying to remember the names. Spc Owens, Spc Boumont, SGT VanNess (Spotty), Spc Collins, Pfc Walker, SGT Smith (Smitty), SGT YellowEagle, SSG Bennit,.. (Stretch)forgot his real name, Lt Allen, Capt. Fleeger, SSG Mata.I can't recall all of their names. I know that there was some down range pics taken during that time and the camera was never consficated. Does anybody have any pictures of Codogne?