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Early Lance Years - 1972 thru 1974
John Whipple

I was involved with the first Lance Missile Training Battalion (1/12th) from August 72 thru June 74. We were stationed at Fort Sill and convoyed to White Sands to support troops coming over from Europe to perform live fire exercises.

Even though I was drafted (98% of the Battalion was), it was a good time and I have a lot of fond memories.

If any other 1/12th members from that era read this, please email me and let me know where you're at and what you're doing.

John Whipple
Moline, IL

ernie elliott

I was in the Battalion from Mar 71 thru Jul 73. I worked as an artillery surveyor and co clerk for A Btry.

Keith Klingonsmith

John,email me at ,yuor buddy Keith
Klingonsmith from B-Btry. (1/12) 72-74.

van laskey

I was in A Btry, 1st Firing Sec 72'-74'with Al Muncy, Fred Dickerson, Butch Shaw, & Tom Paliga.

Anyone remember our first BC ex Slick driver Cpt Joe Locke and his Exec Lt. Nell? Or Top Welch & Top England? Or B Btry's SFC Turner and the tin cans in his fatigue pantlegs for "Strac" blousers?

Wonder if they're still alive?

Anyone remember freezing to death in the field in Jan. 73 in WWII pup tents? Night blackout drive road marches?

Or our Section "forgetting" the M-60 MG at the last bivouac... and Lt. Don McLaughlin's reaction when we said: "Wow Lt. we er kinda, sorta 'left' it 15 Klicks back in a ditch?"

Marcel Hurst (A Btry also) just got back from Ft. Sill & has some stories on how much it changed.


I just missed that era, I got there in Jan 76 1SG Nelson was also part owner of a bar on the strip, his girlfriend worked at Penny's Footlocker. This was an annex to the NCO club right there in 3 Corp area. Any way the 1SG always said that whoever he caught at Penny's before he got there would have to pay his booze that night. He also used to tell us when the Budweiser had free beer at his bar. That information was put out in formation. During that era we would have a liquid lunch and nothing was ever said about it, until they started cracking down on Drunk drivers. They screwed it up for the rest of us drinkers.