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Where are the Early Guys 75 thur 80
Marty Baker

Where are the early guys? the middle 70's and early 80's I was with CBtry 2/377 Herzo Base Germany and C Btry 6/33 A&T that would be ass kickers and trouble makers! Let here from ya'll


I was at Herzo From 81 to 83.Then to Fort Sill and the on to Fort Stewart for 1&13th FA MLRS,8in Composit Battalion.........I went back to Herzo when it was 2&12th FA with a Battalion Commander by the nickname of TNT, Thomas Nathaniel Theme.

Chris Prichard

I was in C Btry 2/377 (FDC)from 72 to 74. Capt. Veal was BC. It was pretty crazy when I was there and understand it got even crazier after I left. Some of the guys that would have been there after I left were Jimmy Culpepper, Tony Echterling, Sgt.Stasheen, Lt. Weise and Lt. Colvin.

Marty Baker

SFC Stasheen was my Plt Sgt! Lt Colvin went to Bn shortly after I got there to be the special weopons officer. Great times!

SGT Terry Gencius

Marty - Haven’t seen much on this board for the mid-1970’s, figured a lot of the guys from that era (pre-internet) are long since retired, maybe even passed away by now. I was a 15D and spent most of my time in SVC Battery 1/12 at Fort Sill, did some travel to White Sands, etc. It’s amazing that after 30 years I can still remember a lot of these guys. Makes me wish I’d save one of those old unit rosters. I’ll throw a few names out there, maybe you’ll recognize a couple? SGT Ralph Lehnert, Curt Runckel, SGT Louis Alvarez, SFC Major Anderson, SGT Holloway, SGT Philip Schuler, Grainger, CPT Otis Turner, CPT Stephen Cordes, CPT John Nicodemus, LT Hamm, SGT Donald Francis, 1SG Duane Brunner, 1SG Richard Elliot, MAJ James Mosley, SGT Travis, SGT Alphabet.

Allen Grayson

I was there in the Early 80's. (out in '82)


Diane McClelland

Crailsheim 1973 - 1975 I am trying to locate anyone who was stationed in Crailsheim from 1973 - 1975. I worked as the Battalion Secretary for Lt Col Reynard, Major Irving and CSM Hair. I recently returned to Crailsheim and was shocked to see that McKee Barracks is are being built on the site.

George Doughty

I was assigned to C Btry & B Btry 1st/80th FA in Aschaffenburg from '76 to '83. Also at the school at Sill from early '83 to mid '84. Thus far I have only found one person from the school and two people from A'burg. Are there any others out there? Also, what's the word on a reunion? Somebody let me know. Thanks!

K Skaggs

I was assigned to C Btry 3/79th FA in Giessen W Germany from June 74 to June 76. Kept in the field on firing missions too damn often. Holler!!

Richard Ferree

I served nearly 2 years (after FAOBC)at Ft.Sill with the 1/12th, 9th Missile group, III Corp. I was the platoon leader (2nd Plt) B Battery from July 1976 until my ETS on 28 Jun 78. The BC was CPT Charels Morris, MSG Morris was the TOP and LTC Tillar, Jr. was the BN CO. COL John Donahue (spelling may be incorrect, sorry) was the 9th Gp CO. My 1st Plt SGT was SFC Johnson and my second Plt SGT was SFC Rogers...but he was better known as SGT ROCK. Both were outstanding NCOs and as a 2LT, I was fortunate to have had their experience, their willingness to assist me in becoming a better junior officer and the professionalism and respect to know that I was the platoon leader and the final decisions were mine. I could not have asked for better NCOs. And that goes for my section chief, SSG Seagraves. SGT Gencius mentions in his message of 11/28/05 the names CPT Otis Turner, CPT John Nicodemus and SGT Travis. I meet CPT Turner prior to my ETS. John Nicodemus was a 1LT and the battery XO when he and I served together in B Bty. If it is the samr SGT Travis; and I imagine it is, was a SSG with the survey platton and we discussed SUCBA diving on occasion. His experience in the field far exceeded my own. I recently spent 18 months in Iraq as a DoD contractor and I am in contact with other US companies doing work their so that I can return to assist the troops in some small fashion in their efforts. Oh, next month it will be 30 years since I received my commission and I too am amazed at the number of those I servered with...but really it shouldn't be; should it?

Henry Vinson

I was in Lance in A Btry 3/79FA From 1977-1979 Then Ft Sill. From1980 I was Section Chief of A Btry 1/333FA A&T Fist Section. I now Drive 18 Wheels I'm now 52 years old


I remember "The Zoo" well. Along with Pop Kline and the rest of the animals...Live in Streator,IL


I was stationed at Camp Pieri , Wiesbadon , 1/333 service battery. Went on maneuvers with “The Zoo” up in the mountains. Also to Crete…..

Bob Berry

Henry: I'm not technically one of the "early guys", but many of you have met me. I was assigned to S-2, USAFATC from April '75 to 02 Sep 77, and during that time I did the security clearances on virtually everyone who came thru the 15-series MOS's. If you ever went over to that dumpy little building to get fingerprinted or fill out a DD 398, that was almost certainly me (unless I was sick or on leave or sleeping in). I'm retired now, living in Pennsylvania, but I still remember Fort Sill. That was by far my favorite assignment AND my favorite post of all time. Best Regards, CW3 (Ret) Bob Berry