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Greatest Crailsheim Memories

Sitting in the Snack Bar one Saturday morning with M-60s, a .50 cal and individual weapons because it was rumored there was going to be an anti-nuke demonstration at the front gate that day. Of course we had NO AMMO!

Jurgen Bell from the Kontakt Klub squinting blindly and zipping around on his mo-ped.

SSG George Naese calling in a bomb threat to the club because they refused to serve him drinks anymore and threw him out of the club. They had a great band that night and everyone was pissed because we had to evacuate.

The renaming of the club to the "Community Club" because the Officer club sucked and the Os didn't want to be relegated to their stuffy little club and wanted to get their party on with us.

Reporting to the Rec Center for pay (and pulling guard for the pay officer there too).

Going to the bowling alley for "A & R!"

Going to the "German kaserne" for NWTI and or Crete train-up.

Stealing bikes from the 501st barracks to ride to the New Yorker drunk as two sailors.

Going down, when all other resources were tapped out, to the German guard barracks above the MP barracks to buy beer from them.

Buying Heineken out of the vending machines in the barracks- pre "don't rock the machine" era.

Hard rock night at the "Live!"

Hoss down at the Stern.

One time someone from our battery (B Btry)put the German flag up upside down while on Flag Detail- you would have thought someone groped a nun.

James Reimbold

The Stern was great. It was a comfortable place with good beer and not many people. There was regular named Heike. I got together with her a few times. Good times.


The Community Club was a fun place for a while. During the 1st Gulf War some unit from the Army National Guard came to the Sheim. They had some decent looking Guard girls with them. They would party at the club along with several wifes of deployed soldiers. For a while, the Community Club had some of the best night life in the area. I fell in love with a pregnant woman that worked at the book store below the PX. She had an MP husband deployed to Iraq. I never made a move on her, but I enjoyed talking with her. I remember I had a huge stack of books in my room by the end of 1991.


That Guard unit was from St. Joseph, MO. I figured since I was from KC, I'd go welcome them when they got off the bus the first night. The VERY first E-5 I talked to, I asked, "So how do you feel about coming over here like this?" The guy tells me, "Hell I am glad we got mobilized~ I was tired of working."

Those guys partied big time.

And the Housing area was out of control. A guy in my unit had a pregnant wife at home and he fell in love with and started "visiting" one of the 501st wives on a nightly basis. he was a gate guard and it all started with her being nice and bringing some cookies or something. Next thing you know- full fledge Jerry Springer style drama. He was actually devastated when she dumped him the minute she got word that hubby was coming back.

Illesheim Housing was out of control too. We went up there to guard that base and those wives were VERY accomodating to some of our guys. It was a real eye opener, somewhat digusting.

Was anybody there when that guy, I think his name was Gallagher, cut up Zimmerman's wife in the housing unit on McKee Barracks? I ran into Zim a few times over the years. Last time I saw him he was working at a Fina in Lawton.

Man I wish units did Yearbooks back then.


Yeah, I was there in Alpha with Zimmerman. I think he had a party that night and the MPs took him down to the station for being drunk. Then the call came in about his wife. I believe one of his friends was passed out on the couch when this happened.

There was also the soldier in Alpha that killed his German girlfriend and was sent to Leavenworth. I cannot remember his name...


Mark Laugisch

How about The "Rod and Bottle" at the back gate? Sunday was laundry night for me as they had the laundro-mat next door. The 501st 1sg use to run the joint and would make chili in a crock pot and you could get a cup for 25 cents to go along with a nice cold beer.

John Homan

in late 92 some queer german named werner bought the stern off of horst still kept his cool although it turned to an alternetive club instead of a german country bar, did you ever play that game with the slag hammer and nails at the big round log when horst still owned it reimbold? I talk alot with others that I knew well but I remember a few beers with you reimbold!


Your name sounds familiar. The Stern was great. I don't recall the game you mentioned. I do remember a girl named Heike.


I remember that game. I couldn't even hit the damn things sober much less after finally making it down to the Stern.

John Homan

I Yeh it was a challenge to hit that damn nail , but addictive to a drunk ha ha!

I for some reason remember you well reimbold , even though we were in seperate batteries I think because we were both friends with Alan Dittmar and also I remember trivial bullshit well, anyway Hi! to ya and best wishes Reimbold, wait maybe it was your old germanic last name?


do you still play the guitar smitty? you were good then I could imagine how well you are now with kept practice. Although congratulations on your career in the Military and making 1st sergeant .