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Lt. Wick 2/42

Does anybody know what ever happened to Lt. Annie Wick, she was stationed at Crailshiem starting as a ButterBar in 84 or 85. Was in B Brty 2/42 then went to C Brty because of some shit, or at least that was the rumor.

Mark Laugisch

I was in Charlie 2/42 from 85 to 88, yeah well aware of Lt Wick. I got there in Jan 85 and she was in charge of A&T until about May, where she became 17th FA Bde Safety Officer. She was real tight with our soon to be BC Pete Keller when the "War Pig" Cpt. Schwanenberg(sp) was running Charlie Btry. From all acounts she seemed to be a fine officer. When were you at the 'sheim? Did you know a guy by the name of Polston or Register, a big ole country boy who could launch a softball into next year?


I was at the 'Sheim from about Oct 83 to 85 in Bravo 2nd Fire, I would have done my entire hitch there if those PAC pukes hadn't screwed up my Extension. Yeah, I remember Polston, and I forgot all about "War Pig" LOL. Yeah, LT. Wick, she was our PLT. Leader in 2nd Fire and we busted her 'Turtle' cherry, with the usually Butterbar sham's. I was wondering what became of her, I remember having a deep conversation with her once where she told me that she wanted to become a general before leaving the Army, just wondering how far along she is in rank, if she's even still in the Army.


Turtle, now that's something I haven't heard in a long time. We had another female Lt. in Charlie( can't recall her name)who we pulled some tricks on. We were getting ready to roll out of the motorpool on one of those stupid readiness drills and he's playing around with the Bubble lights, complaining that they're about to overheat. Well, the Lt. hears this and asks him "what's wrong?" He responds by telling her "the bubble light coolant is low, and that the motor sergeant won't issue any unless your E-7 or higher." he really sucked her in by explaining that it would be a serious violation to ride down the road w/o safety lights. She promply marches off to see the motor sergeant who tries in vain to explain that there was no such animal. Un-convinced she threatens to go to the BC if he doesn't let her have this coolant. Just so she'll get out of his hair he comes back with this five gallon drum of artillery grease which she proceeds to drag down to the line. It was the funniest damn thing to see when the BC pulls up next to her in his jeep chewing her out for delaying the convoy. She was pissed for about a week and she put my poor driver on every shit detail she could think of. I also know of one of the sections sending their Lt. out to look for a box of grid squares, but that is for another day.


LOL, Turtle tricks were the best. Let's see we had Box of Grid Squares, Can of Squelch, Black out bulbs, High speed Missile Wax, Camo paint, Deadlining a vehicle by removing the fire extinguisher,Bubble light coolant is a good one though.


Hey Ramirez my pc went down before I could get you. Please send me your Phone # and I will call you John Lamphere " Marathon John"

Lonnie Baker

hey Mark...
The Lt. in C Btry was Dubois.I was in the 'Sheim 82-85. Split my time between C and Service. I was Dubois (pronounced Dubow)driver and SFC Gelbaugh was the Plt Sgt. I remember lots of folks....Polston,Robin Hood,Grothe,Jenkins, 1SG McNair and many more. Great fun considering the crap holes we lived in.


Sorry man, but I got there in Jan '85 and don't recall the LT being Dubois. I do remember Gelbaugh though and heard tremendous stories about SFC Dismuke.

Lonnie Baker

Dismuke ended up being my 1SG in Hanau around 1989. I think he is still in.


i don't remember lt wick but i do remember some stellar performances from some LTs from A Btry! We had an NSI and one was dancing around and humming for the inspector. She was a Princeston Graduate and had a degree in languages if i remember. McKee Barracks was a great place to spend your European tour.

steve gerding

Randy Shannon

I was a brand new 2LT with SSG Page (2nd Fire C/2-42 PLT SGT) who took several minutes to figure out that I really did not have to determine which of our newest privates would serve as "in-flight missile technician", (the in-flight part of the job description bothered from the start :). But 2LT John Mortimer (1st Fire) actually did secure the "keys to the LTA" (local training area) and went out while serving as the Bn SDO to make sure it was locked. He wasn't able to find the door.

Randy Shannon

Oh yeah, forgot to post that Annie Wick became Annie Baker a hundred years ago, is a good mom with at least two kids, and still an oustanding officer (commanded a Bn at Ft. Sill in 2001-2002) and is probably still on active duty somewhere as a Colonel. (How's that for multi-tasking?, wife, mother, and oh by the way, I need to go inspect the motorpool)


COL Annie Baker is the BDE Commander for the Artillery Training Center on Ft. Sill, OK. Her husband is also a COL in the Army. Can you imagine that LES?